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Your Inner Transformation in 2023

22nd December 2022

I’ve been getting a lot of clarity on where we’re all going, and what we’re to be doing next year. If you’re ready to invest in your personal transformation, here’s what’s coming. You can find out more here.

Monthly Connection Call

On the second Monday of the month at 1pm UK, 8am ET, currently midnight AUS, I will be holding a connection call for all subscribers and Facebook group members who would like to join us and either commence, or enrich, their transformational journey into their potential. This call will be free.

31-Day Kick-Start Your Inner Connection Classic

As a New Year gift to subscribers and Facebook group members, I’m going to run a 31-day connection classic. This one is intended to help you to create some inner transformation patterns and intentions that you can build on throughout the year. This will be free.

NOTE: If you are a subscriber to my emails, but not in my Facebook group, and you’d like to participate in this 31-day connection classic, please contact me here or at and let me know so that I can add you to the email list.

Introductions to Human Design and Gene Keys

A natural next step from your 31-day connection classic, these two introductory workshops offer you the opportunity to create a stable and solid foundation or platform on which to base your transformational journey. I will run these again in February 2023. These run for two hours each, with dates to be decided. These will be paid.

Activate Your Potential

Starting Monday 2 January 2023 I will be running a live, guided, transformational 8-week inner connection course called Activate Your Potential. This is for people who have either attended my introductions to Gene Keys and Human Design, or are aware of their energetic blueprints and ready to start working with them. This will include six one-hour group calls, and three 45-minute 1-1 calls. This will be paid.

Monthly Empowerment Hub for Projectors/Orchestrators

If you know your Human Design, then you know whether this is the right place for you. This space is a place for Projectors to meet together and unite, encourage, empower, share and create opportunities together to share their light. I have a deep respect for the Projector blueprint, and advocate the magnetic leadership and global guidance you are here to provide. This space is intended to be energising and inspiring. I will trial this for a few months, and see if there’s an appetite for it. Dates to be advised. For the time being, this will be free.

3-Month ‘Master Your Sovereignty’ Personal Transformation Containers

I am opening up 3-month 1:1 personal guidance containers where you will have direct access to me for three months (with option to extend). I will hold safe and private space for you. I will respond to your energy, your needs, what you bring to the space, and your commitment to (and investment in) yourself. I will offer guidance, biofeedback, and suggestions as appropriate, and I will encourage you, gently and compassionately, into your potential, which can be uncomfortable and triggering but is what you sign up for here. During the period we work together you will have direct access to me through WhatsApp, and I will be available for up to six hours of live calls. These containers will be private and unique to you. These are paid.

There will be two prerequisites for us creating a 1:1 ‘Master Your Sovereignty’ personal transformation container:

  1. You are familiar with and working with, or ready to work with, your Human Design blueprint and your Gene Keys, and are aware that I will be using these uniquely personal imprints as the basis for our work together.
  2. There will be an intake process where I will ask you to answer some questions, and we will connect on a Zoom call to check whether we are magnetically drawn to work together.

Three-Call 1:1 Package

This can be used wherever you are in your journey, whether you’re starting out, or whether you’re well underway and just want a bit of connection through your transformation. These are three 45-minute 1:1 calls to be used within a two-month period. These are paid.

Some Comments and Feedback from the Last Few Months

If you feel ready to either get started, or go deeper, but are not sure whether your journey is with me or not, some of these beautiful words might help you to feel into it.

  •  Thank you so much for recognising and acknowledging me. For your heart-felt support, guidance and encouragement. For the purity and magic in our connection. For everything yet to unfold..
  • You are possibly one of the very few “real” people I have ever encountered. You give hope when there is none, light when it’s really f…ing dark and authenticity when everything seems like a lie and we have no faith left. Thank you for showing your vulnerability Lesley MacCulloch. You are such a beautiful soul and I love and respect you enormously. xxx
  • I was always attracted to you and when you speak it’s refreshing to me. Even though you can be crying, it’s the fact that you are so authentic and I perceive that you have a wider, more elevated view on things. There’s not that many people on earth have that and that’s what makes you precious to my eyes. You really live the profile of a spiritual coach.
  • Being able to tap into all of the energy that surrounds you when you teach is incredible and I hope to be able to share some more of my journey with you.
  • I want to say an absolutely huge thank you for holding me when I really needed it and giving me some guidance about where I needed to go. You really reached out and I want to say a massive thank you for that Lesley, you’re such a kind person. Thank you.
  • There are so few people who can really guide me, there really are. Because they just don’t listen. It’s so rare that a person can do this work while setting their own sh1t aside ~ and you can do that. It’s very rare. It’s VERY rare. Which is why you’re so successful! Because you can set your stuff aside. It’s amazing. It really is. It’s why I don’t listen to people. So THANK YOU.
  • Thank you so much for allowing me this space of vulnerability. It’s very important to me. Thank you for allowing me the space to speak because it’s been something I haven’t felt. I have always felt safe with you and with the space you provide which is why I’m feeling that I can do this now. I’m very appreciative of that because it gives me a space to process. There are few spaces where I’ve been truly allowed to be vulnerable and process without being judged. Judgement has shut me down. So thank you, deeply.
  • Thank you, as ever, Lesley MacCulloch for your openness and honesty. You are a shining example of always going within to shed light on all the crap we store. You really are a trailblazer of honesty and authenticity.
  • Thank you for your support. I really feel it.
  • You’re just tremendously grounding, and your grounding is so heartful. There is a special quality to it. All grounding is good, but yours has a special ‘Lesley’ quality that I don’t really have words for except for heartful.

For questions or enrolments, please contact me here or email me at

You can also book a free 15-minute connection call here.

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