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You make me feel ...

13th December 2021

I’ve seen a lot of people triggered, or upset, or irritated by each other lately. Probably no more than usual, actually, but as our world goes through its awakening, and we all evolve, it’s something I’d like to contemplate.

What is there to contemplate? Isn’t it just the way people behave?

Well, yes, it is the way people behave, all of us included, but it doesn’t have to be. People only behave that way because our collective DNA has been programmed into its lower-frequency potential. That means we have grown up conditioned to blame, and to look outside of us for what’s out of alignment inside. We live as victims at the mercy of our external world. Not wrong, there is no ‘wrong’, but it is no longer necessary. Not any more. Because we now know better.

When we’re not grounded in the roots of our whole being, and we don’t take ownership and personal responsibility for all that is us, we tend to see what others are doing or saying as an offense or an insult towards us. We take things personally, instead of looking at what we can take from the incident to see what energy needs to be shifted within ourselves. But because we don’t understand that, we continue projecting our fear-based emotions onto others.

I remember being taught, 20 years ago at a corporate leadership residential, to tell others how I felt based on their actions and behaviours. I feel a, b, c, when you x, y, z. Even just a few years ago, this was the accepted and acceptable way to address our feelings. To look outside of us. To ‘blame’ someone else. Yes, we were learning to converse about feelings, which is healthy, but nobody  is actually responsible for how we  feel. So, it doesn’t matter how nicely we tell someone how they made us feel, they actually didn’t. It’s far healthier to take ownership of the way we’re feeling about something, and address it ourselves. We can’t change other people.

And nobody can make us feel anything. Only us.

Everything is there to show us the way to our greatness

All of life is a mirror. Life shows us ourselves in others. So when we stop blaming ‘them’, and making ourselves a victim of them and their behaviour, we truly, finally, at long last, step into our own power. How else can we recognise that both Cinderella and the ugly sisters are inside every single one of us. And that to be more ‘Cinderella’, and less ‘the ugly sisters’, we have to consider what it is we’re seeing of ourselves  in each other. The reflection of ourselves in everything that’s around us is the truest mentor, teacher, guide, we could ever have. Because when we accept, objectively, that everything is there to show us the way to our greatness, we embrace it, without further emotion, and consider it as part of our growth into our personal power. We use it to help us to rise into our higher frequencies. And the more we raise our frequency, the less we are triggered, or annoyed, by things that happen outside of us.

We humbly see that everything is about us.

We see and embrace the opportunity for more unfolding into our full potential.

And we start to see more love because, remember, we see outside of us what we are inside.

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