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You are NOT what the envelope tells you you are

6th February 2019

This might not appear, initially, to be one of my more positive posts, but bear with me. There’s a point.

This letter arrived in the mail yesterday. A threat. Another threat. We got a threat the other day from the people who are going to be installing our new kitchen. And we got a threat the other week from the electoral role. No doubt there’ll be a threat just around the corner from the Council Tax year getting started. I imagine you get them all too. I knew that one day I would sit down and try to express, without fear or negative emotion, but with acceptance and objectivity …


And today that time has come. This letter – an annual reminder, nothing more – has prompted me to sit down here and get us all really thinking about what is going on around us, how we are being treated by our government, our media and our companies large and small, why we’re a society completely and utterly consumed by fear and WHAT WE’RE ALLOWING IT TO DO TO US.IMG_20190205_110212470

This letter is telling me that at the end of February – on the 28th – my road tax is due. I know that. I know that without having to open the envelope. I know that because, well, I’ve been driving for over 30 years, I’m organised, I’m honest, I know what happens with my car and I know what I have to do to drive legally in this country. And you don’t have to threaten me to make me do it.

Today is Tuesday 5th February. Over three weeks still to pay. Over three weeks even till I ‘might not pay’ – but it seems to have become acceptable, indeed the norm, to ‘dare’ me not to pay. “Tax it or lose it” they stab me with as the letter lies on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. Thank you DVLA for encouraging my morning. Negative behaviour breeds negative behaviour. Empty accusations put innocent, honest people off-side. I don’t mind reminders, but I do mind unwarranted threats. As at today, I am driving legally, and as at 28th February I will still be driving legally, but not because you threatened me.

Britain has got itself all bogged down in fear. Britain has become the country where you’re guilty until proven innocent. Britain will doubt you, accuse you, distrust you and dishonour your name if it can.

Britain. It’s really not that ‘Great’ any more, is it.

When I returned to Scotland after twenty years living overseas, my first day back wasn’t even complete before I realised that something very disturbing had happened in the UK. We were signing up to rent a flat and although I’d both rented and been a landlord abroad, I’d never seen the likes of the paperwork, time and ridiculously heavy legal bulk involved in renting a flat for six months. Part of the package even included a threatening letter that screamed at us in bold and capital letters that if the agent couldn’t gain access for a routine inspection in three months time we’d be held accountable and fined. Hey, let us move in first! Give us half a chance to not allow the access before you start the mud-slinging.

By the time we arrived at the flat for the first time we were pretty dazed. But look, there on the floor were the TV licence people screaming, not even at us, at nobody, at an ‘occupier’ – WOW! that one was incredible. God help ‘them’, these ‘non-people’ if they had a TV that wasn’t licensed. There was nobody living in the house! The flat was empty and it CONTAINED NO TV.

Hilarious. ‘What a laughing stock the TV Licensing people are making of themselves,’ I surmised.

But it’s not funny. It’s scary, it’s distressing, it’s outrageous and it’s completely and utterly unnecessary. At what point did this country create such a serious them and us culture. At what point did it become okay to throw threats, doubt and distrust around so freely, so liberally and deliberately, with such disdain. It’s a very sad reality. It is no wonder to me that people hide, that people stick their head in the sand, that people avoid, that people get angry, defensive, aggressive – because that’s what’s being done to them! People are living in fear of being called a liar WHEN THEY’RE NOT. Receiving an envelope like this doesn’t entice anyone to actually open it. If that’s the way it starts, why would I want to put myself through a whole letters-worth of undeserving threats and accusations!

We MUST step into our power!

Settling back into the UK, or not-so-great Britain, has been an eye-opening, challenging experience. We MUST step into our power and not let this take over our heads. Thank GOD for the beauty, the environment, the magic and POWER of the parts of our nature that have remained untouched, because at least we can replenish out there, in and with that, and allow ourselves to feel cleansed, to remain calm, pure, worthy, deserving, empowered and capable. We can remember that we are good people, that we are honest, that we are trustworthy, that we have gifts to offer humanity – because if we don’t step up, if we keep allowing ourselves to be eaten up and beaten down by this ogre, this constancy of doom, gloom, misery, competition, greed and downright bleak, black fear, I really do fear where we’re going to end up. Mental health issues are just the start of the consequences relating to how people are being treated in this country.

Feel, know, remember and stand strong in your honesty, your trustworthiness, your integrity, your values.

Now, let me just make it clear. I’m not saying don’t pay. I’m saying don’t become what they’re telling you you are. I’m saying find a way to detach from the doom and gloom being put upon us. I’m saying don’t take their nonsense and accusations personally. I’m saying don’t allow it to consume you, don’t allow it to make you angry, don’t allow it to affect your life any more. Sticks and stones and all that … Step up, stand up, laugh at it, don’t let them take your power. Accept it as part of your choice to remain living in this country, but don’t let it into your consciousness, and don’t let it make you something that you’re not. It’s happened gradually. It’s consumed many. That’s why it’s become so embedded, so accepted, such a tragic part of our norm. Look above it, beyond it, through it, but find a way to not let it touch you. Stop constantly reading newspapers, stop constantly watching and listening to and talking about the news, stop being brainwashed to compare yourself with others by the magazines, stop being dumbed down by Haribo adverts. Stop believing that you don’t measure up. And know and believe that you DO. You are worthy. KNOW you are good. Feed yourself BELIEF IN YOU. Feel, know, remember and stand strong in your honesty, your trustworthiness, your integrity, your values. You ARE worthy and deserving, you ARE better than your external world is telling you that you are. And believe me, you don’t need to read newspapers or watch news to know what’s going on in the world.

We are all equals and we will not be beaten by what our government is telling us that we are! Do NOT allow yourself to believe that you are what the front of the envelope tells you you are.

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