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Client feedback

I love shining the light on ~ and for ~ others so that they can see their own. These comments are so humbling. I am full of gratitude.

Thank you so much for recognising and acknowledging me. For your heart-felt support, guidance and encouragement. For the purity and magic in our connection. For everything yet to unfold..

You are possibly one of the very few ‘real’ people I have ever encountered. You give hope when there is none, light when it’s really f…ing dark and authenticity when everything seems like a lie and we have no faith left. Thank you for showing your vulnerability Lesley MacCulloch. You are such a beautiful soul and I love and respect you enormously. xxx

I was always attracted to you and when you speak it’s refreshing to me. Even though you can be crying, it’s the fact that you are so authentic and I perceive that you have a wider, more elevated view on things. There’s not that many people on earth have that and that’s what makes you precious to my eyes. You really live the profile of a spiritual coach.

Being able to tap into all of the energy that surrounds you when you teach is incredible and I hope to be able to share some more of my journey with you.

I want to say an absolutely huge thank you for holding me when I really needed it and giving me some guidance about where I needed to go. You really reached out and I want to say a massive thank you for that Lesley, you’re such a kind person. Thank you.

Thank you so much for allowing me this space of vulnerability. It’s very important to me. Thank you for allowing me the space to speak because it’s been something I haven’t felt. I have always felt safe with you and with the space you provide which is why I’m feeling that I can do this now. I’m very appreciative of that because it gives me a space to process. There are few spaces where I’ve been truly allowed to be vulnerable and process without being judged. Judgement has shut me down. So thank you, deeply.

Thank you, as ever, Lesley MacCulloch for your openness and honesty. You are a shining example of always going within to shed light on all the crap we store. You really are a trailblazer of honesty and authenticity.

Thank you for your support. I really feel it.

You’re just tremendously grounding, and your grounding is so heartful. There is a special quality to it. All grounding is good, but yours has a special ‘Lesley’ quality that I don’t really have words for except for heartful.

~ BY, Florida

Thank you for your love and genuine care. You are such a beautiful natural healer guiding so gently through all my shadows of chaos, confusion and much more. I always feel elated after our Zoom sessions. Thank you so much for all you do and share with me. With gratitude and love.

~ZC, Lithuania

How come you can make people feel a little bit better about life with just a text or voice message.         I’ll be booking a front seat for your talk.

~IB, Stirling 

There are so few people who can really guide me, there really are. Because they just don’t listen. It’s so rare that a person can do this work while setting their own sh*t aside – and you can do that. It’s very rare. It’s VERY rare. Which is why you’re so successful! Because you can set your stuff aside. It’s amazing. It really is. So THANK YOU.

~NB, Pennsylvania

Lesley, I can’t even put into words what it’s meant to have you come into my life. You’ve shown me parts of me I didn’t even know existed. You’ve helped me see who I am, and who I can be. My family are responding to me differently, my days are different, I don’t know where I’d be without your guidance and your presence in my week. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. Everybody needs a Lesley.

~ML, California

Wow! So much of this exhaustion, frustration and poor sleep quality makes MUCH more sense now. You’ve helped me to untangle all of these pieces I’ve been grappling with and I feel like you’ve placed them neatly on a big table so that I can look at it clearly as a whole. I realise that the piece around self-acceptance is really pressing on me right now. Thank you so, so much for your help Lesley. Really. It’s like you’ve given me what I needed to press the ‘reset’ button so that with this clarity and understanding I am able to re-work my processes moving forward.

~YH, British Colombia

The more you show me, the more it all makes sense to me, and who and how I am. It’s truly fascinating. Thank you so very much Lesley.

~NH, Stirling

I love how organic you are. You live and work true to you and that shines through. There is nothing fake or forced in your approach. I love that about you and your mentoring Lesley.

~EG, Glasgow

KNOWING my wholeness helps everything to click into place. Knowing myself all the way down to a cellular level … that knowing facilitates the shift into self trust, awareness and action for positive change. Know thyself. For me, this has been the missing link. I can’t thank you enough for all your effort and conscientious work on my behalf.

~CS, California

Lesley, something really deep has shifted. I can’t even describe it but it feels like an awakening of sorts. I have no words to thank you.

~YH, British Colombia

Lesley, my gratitude is greater than I can express for allowing me to run your programme. You’ve condensed an immense amount of wisdom in an easily approachable medium. More importantly though, the pure energy of your uplifting perception provides the container that allows one to see themselves in the same light. Keep planting these seeds of Truth.

~RC, Florida

I have been looking for you for a while now. Someone I can be open with, and your whole outlook and what you are doing resonates so highly with me and where I’m at right now. Thank you for coming into my life at exactly the right time. The mentorship programme itself is exactly the path I’m on too. I’m filled with gratitude.

~EG, Glasgow

Connecting with you calms my being in a way words couldn’t possibly describe. Thank YOU for all that you are. Never far.

~KR, N Carolina

It touches my heart so much that you took the time to guide me to this. You seriously beam light across the globe!

~CK, Florida

There have been some monumental and emotional roadblocks occurring in my life, both directly and indirectly. Amazingly, through the grace of internal energy management, I’ve been able to recoil faster, and have witnessed some alchemy manifesting from conscious attitude! Thank you!!

~RC, Florida

I love that I have found you. I love that I connect to your soul. I love that I am hearing someone express things that I strive to do most days. This leads me to even more validation that I have been on the correct path. I really am grateful to have a great and beautiful connection with such a beautiful soul. My soul sees your soul. Thank you!

~CP, Florida

I really love your writing. It’s like every comment is a special curated tiny book. Your words are so wise.

~KM, Newfoundland

Holy shit! I don’t know how you knew this!! Never before, in all that I have researched, studied, dabbled with and longed for has anything made so much sense, or described me so deep-down, core-touchingly perfect!

~CM, Arizona

Your grounded ability to keep us all to a central point is much needed just now!

~LC, Stirling

As I get to know myself and like myself and trust myself, my energy shifts to light and love. For MYSELF! What is being unlocked in me is something supernatural. I’ve been blocked on a spiritual level, because of my abuse, for all my life. I’ve begged the Universe for answers because I knew I’ve not been able to live my fullest potential, now I’m watching it unfold. Being fearless! Your programme let me to this gave me the courage to do this.  I’ve never done anything like this!! This is what I want to give the world! Medicine painting. THANK YOU!!!

~LW, N Carolina

Wow! That explains SO much! I had no idea about any of this!!!

 I recognised a familiar frequency in your aura when we spoke. One that allows.

 Thank you so much for giving me the space to have this commitment.

I listened to your intro and KNEW this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I love you and THIS!

~NG, Colorado

I feel your energy, through the presentations, the calls, through the wholeness of the training. I haven’t felt that on other programmes I’ve been on. You’re teaching me about my energy and it’s yours that’s helping me to get there.

Your words feel so good in my soul!

Oh I feel so much better today! Much more energy and positivity! Thank you.

I did some work with Lesley and I can’t tell you how wonderful, supportive and guiding it was. Lesley is beautiful, inspirational. Love yourself and let her show you the next step.

~FD, Leicester

At one and the same time you are both stimulating (mind) and soothing (heart) to be near! Thank you so much for sharing so openly and wisely.

~DM, Stirling

I contacted Lesley as I had been feeling overwhelmed and lacking in confidence since a recent promotion at work. I had a call with her, and she asked such insightful questions that I felt she really got me, and she helped me find a new perspective on where I am in my journey. I have felt very different this week back at work with a renewed sense of energy, courage and perspective. Lesley has a lovely warm, nurturing style and I really felt a sense of support from her in the short time we had together.

~CP, Surrey

What a lovely response. Thank you for taking the time. Very thoughtful and insightful. Making me believe you really do care and want the best for people. Thank you again.

~LM, Derby

Your FB group intrigued me as you described how I feel most of the time at work.

This place is a welcome oasis.

What you have created is a powerful platform and I am in awe of you.

So good to be part of such a great genuine group. Love this like minded woman. Thank you Lesley MacCulloch!

 Thank you. So glad to have found this group. You understand exactly how so many of us feel.

You talk a lot of sense, Lesley. This is a great group – thank you.

What you say is very powerful. I love your words of true wisdom.

Thank you Lesley – you are such a lovely inspiration.

You have hit the nail on the head by creating this group and your mission of creating a tribe of support and how to rise above it is so inspiring. You have such a lot to give and come from such a transformational heart. Thank you.

~BP, Ontario

I just wanted to say a big thanks to you Lesley. What you say makes a lot of sense to me, and I really do appreciate beyond belief you taking the time to say all this. You are truly a special person.

~MT, Stirling

Oh Lesley I am so enjoying your book. It is so positive and uplifting! I am working my way through it and loving everything in it! Thank you so much for writing it and for having the courage to share it with us. It is a very necessary book for this time.

~DM, Comrie

I’ve just started reading your book, my wife thought I’d like it. I do – very much! I’m already looking forward to reading more and just wanted to thank you for sharing all that you have. It has already been very thought provoking for me, in a great way!

~RC, North Berwick

This is exactly what I needed. Someone to help me with the first step forward. And then the second. Someone with patience, who believes in me. Someone to spell it out as simply and clearly as this book does. I knew my life could be different. Better. It already is and I’m not finished doodling yet. Thank you. ~LC, Bristol

I am in the process of going through your book again, more slowly this time, but more thoroughly. After my first reading there were several things I took away from it, the main one being the development of my interest in chakras which I am now incorporating into meditation, yoga and reiki, but all of them life changing in subtle but really powerful ways.

~JC, North Berwick

Thank you so much for writing your book! I am really enjoying reading it and working through all the tasks. It has reminded me of the changes I’ve made in my life over the last few years and given me new ways to be my true self. Your book is definitely going to continue to be important to me. Thank you. ~EF, Glasgow

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