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First of all, why not break yourself in gently, and request here my FREE ’30-Day (Re)Ignite Your Inner Connection’ pdf. This is a great way to rekindle, or even just spark, your connection within. Our world draws us outside; it’s a practice coming inside and maintaining our most important connection, the one with ourselves.

I also hold free monthly group connection calls for email subscribers and Facebook group members if you’d like to get a taste of me, our communion, and come along and feel our vibe. These are on the second Monday of the month at 1pm UK, 8am ET.

In the menu to the right of this page, you can find information about some of the following offerings. If you don’t see what you want, please always contact me as I’m flexible, and it’s important to me to meet you where you’re at.


  • Free ’30-day (Re)Ignite Your Inner Connection’ pdf (request here)
  • Free monthly group Zoom calls on second Monday of month at 1pm UK (to receive updates and links, please subscribe to the right of this page where it says ‘Click here to receive …’)
  • Introductions to your Human Design and Gene Keys
  • Activate Your Potential‘ 8-week immersion
  • Monthly ‘Empowerment Hub’ for Projectors/Orchestrators (currently free)
  • Master your Sovereignty‘ 1:1 Personal Transformation containers (minimum 3-month commitment)
  • Three-call 1:1 packages

Working with me

It doesn’t matter where or how you choose to work or connect with me, my mission is always to guide you, empower you, hold space for you, and reflect back to you ALL of who you are as I show you the way into all of your light. You are a unique being. My work is to help you to elevate your consciousness and expand into the essence and full alignment of that exquisite being.

Your work is to invest in your personal transformation journey, commit fully to yourself, and choose to take personal responsibility and ownership for all of who you are ~ AND what it takes to get you there. This is a courageous journey into the truth of your soul. It relies fully on your commitment, your awareness, and your readiness to take ownership and personal responsibility for all that is you and yours.

If you’d like to connect to see whether our energies align and ask any questions, please book a free call.

Book a free 15-minute connection call

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