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Women! Are your bad feelings eating you alive?

26th November 2018

Women! Are your bad feelings eating you alive? Do you feel like you’re wasting away? Like you’ve lost control of your own life?

That’s because you think the choices that you’ve made were your choices. That’s because you were brought to where you are now in the flow of conformity, innocently making choices in accordance with what was acceptable and expected from your external world, doing what you thought was right, doing what you were told was okay, doing what it took to ‘fit in’, to be an accepted and acceptable patron of societal norms.

You’ve made your choices, yes, but you’ve made your choices within a limited selection of options. You think you’ve used your own free will and you have – but only within the confines of that limited set of options. You, like me, have been brought up blinkered, discouraged and kept small.
And you’ve got used to feeling like this because, well, doesn’t everybody else feel like this to a certain extent? Isn’t this just how it is? And even if it’s not, well, isn’t this discomfort easier to live with than rocking the boat and starting to live true to yourself? That would take courage!

You are living disempowered. You are feeling stifled, feeling limited, feeling caged, claustrophobic and stuck in a straitjacket. Because in your early years you were taught to conform, to comply with the external world around you, and that person you were moulded to become took over. The thoughts and beliefs you were told to have as you grew up became ‘yours’, because you weren’t encouraged (far from it!!) to think for yourself. And so, your deepest values are now fed up being challenged as you live up to the expectations you were conditioned to believe were important. Your core truth is screaming to be heard. Some might call this a mid-life crisis. Well, it’s a crisis, most definitely, and it’s happening now because YOU’VE BEEN IGNORING YOUR TRUTH for your whole life. YOU can only take so much.

When you’re ready to listen to YOU instead of the external sources around you … when you’re ready to follow your own guidelines and messages and live by your own values and core principles, and you’re ready to become WHOLE, and you’d like someone by your side as you step up and into your own empowerment, talk to me. Through a free half hour discovery call we’ll agitate your comfort zone and see if we’d like to work together. I’ve been where you are now, and by working out how to focus on my inner world, I brought myself from feeling bad too much of the time to feeling good most of the time.

You CAN do that too.

Contact me today for a free 30 minute discovery call

You can also find me at my Facebook group Corporate women feeling sick of feeling sick

Life is too short to not live true to yourself. Grow yourself WHOLE. Look after YOU.

Special acknowledgement for the wonderful image to Karunita Kapoor

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