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Who knew it was International Day of Peace yesterday?

22nd September 2016

I found out at 8pm last night that yesterday was International Day of Peace. My immediate reaction was “Mmm, how disappointing that I’m only finding out now, at this time of night …” Not least on the day itself, from an email that was sent to me at 6.30pm by Women for Women International.

Earlier on today I asked two friends if they knew it was International Day of Peace yesterday. One, an avid news watcher and follower, said “I didn’t, no. There wasn’t much peace in the world yesterday. Lol. I watched The News.”

The other, an avid social media follower, said “Yes, I knew it was international peace day yesterday. Lots of love being spread yesterday.”

Hm, well, what to make of that. I wasn’t surprised by these answers. I suspected main-stream media wouldn’t share something so worthwhile and interesting to know and valuable for the world and all that.

I felt a lot of love yesterday afternoon, but I think that was because I was with the friend who knew it was international peace day and she’s a sharing, loving, peaceful, giving person anyway.

And today I’m wishing I could have done something more than just receive and feel the love. I’d like to have done something much more. So, here I am, in my small way, telling the world that something special happens on 21 September pexels-photo-25182every year; that 21 September every year is a big event in peace.

From some brief research I find out from the UN that International Day of Peace has been around since 1981 having been voted in by “unanimous United Nations resolution 36/37”. Mmmm. More conflict in my mind. Can it really be that for over thirty years I’ve not been aware of this event that was devoted to “… commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples”? Or has it crossed my path and I’ve missed it.

It’s been niggling away at me all day that I missed it. I’m hearing John Lennon (yeh, okay, I was going to say Paul McCartney, and before that I was going to say the Beatles – thanks Google) and ‘Give peace a chance’. I think maybe he needs to yell it from the heavens.

I do actually see on Google that somewhere in Milton Keynes the day was celebrated in a yoga studio with forty-five minutes of meditation and yoga to generate peaceful and loving thoughts. And I also see that the Libyan Express ran an article saying the world was celebrating …

I think I might have to put this in the diary for next year and give this peace thing some thought. Yes, of course we shouldn’t have to wait for one day in the year to talk about, celebrate, generate, activate and manifest peace and peaceful activity; however, given the state we’re in, we have to start somewhere so 21 September 2017 for me has been circled.

According to the UN “This global day is observed by hundreds of millions of citizens in cities, town and villages worldwide …”

Was I (and my friend who watches the news) the only person not participating? I feel quite guilty. Sorry world! I’ll try to do better. ♥

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