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Where do you stand?

4th April 2020

Someone asked me a few days ago where I stand in ‘all of this’. This worldly chaos.

I stand in truth.

The truth isn’t always easy to discern, especially right now. I’ve been through the research; I’ve listened to the pillars of fact, truth and honesty that feed my soul; I’ve read posts, thoughts, downloads, channelled messages; and I’ve watched and observed as the wave came across the globe like a slow tsunami, gathering power, wondering why, as a country, we seemed to be pretending it wasn’t. And now that we are deeply ensconced in the reality of this massive global purge, I am mesmerised, creating in my every day and feeling blessed as I realise why everything in my whole life has happened the way it has – because now I am more open, more prepared and more ready than ever to be a part of the creation of what is being called the New Earth.

So, you see, it actually doesn’t matter where this came from, or why it came, or who’s to blame, or what conspiracies are at work, or any of that. Because it’s here. In my view, where we need to be really focusing is on how we proceed from here, to be true to ourselves.

I do believe that there is, and has been for decades, years, centuries and eons, a great deal of truth about our world that has been held back from us, the general public: information that has been selectively managed and most definitely manipulated to keep us under control. When we are kept under control our minds are not creative, we conform, we believe that the system is ‘right’, we do not question, because we are kept in a place of fear. Fear reduces the immune system, it affects the nervous system, it steeps every physiological working of your body in compromise and it certainly doesn’t help with mental health.

I can’t say often enough, loudly enough, enticingly enough, that there is so much truth out there to be had, if only we would open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts to that fact. There is so much more going on in the world, more to know, more sides to every single story, than anything we are told on the mainstream news, in the mainstream newspapers, in the school curriculums, in every nonsense magazine that’s screaming at us, insulting our intellect, from the shelves.

… there is so much truth out there to be had, if only we would open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts to that fact.

So, where do I stand. I stand with an open mind, open arms and open heart, ready to embrace tomorrow, to be a part of tomorrow and the new world that is unfolding as our old world breaks down. Right now, I challenge you to challenge every ‘what if’ that you have. Challenge every concern. And then decide to investigate that. Challenge yourself to challenge your belief systems. As we grieve the breakdown of the world as we’ve known it, this is no longer about you, or about us as individuals. This is about us as a collective. It is time to unite. This is about our world coming together again, and how we help it to do that. It doesn’t matter right now, in our every day, who did what or why. What matters is that we smile, we focus, we begin to appreciate the things that we hold dear, which we have taken, so long, for granted. What matters is how we prepare ourselves to come out of this.

This is an opportunity for rebirth and reinvention on a massive scale.

It’s time for us, as a system and as a society, to stop wiping the floor with each other, to stop finding fault, indeed looking for fault. This really is our comeuppance. This is humanity being put back in its place. This is something bigger than us saying We’ve had enough. And I’m glad. I’m glad because maybe now we will all start thinking for ourselves, questioning what we’re being told. Maybe we will stop believing everything we’re fed from the system that is supposedly protecting us, that same system that threatens us before we do wrong, that embeds us in fear unless we stand strong in our power against such treatment. That system that is meant to be there for us but is really just there for itself.

Maybe we will look at what we’ve all done, what we’ve accepted is okay, and start to haul ourselves out of that thick, damaging quagmire of conditioning and step up and into our own power. We are sovereign beings. We are independent, autonomous individuals that are all connected to each other by energy and a universe of frequency. Every single part of that huge web of connections, is affected by every single part of that huge web of connections. And no that wasn’t a typo. And when that web is dominated by, indeed steeped, in lies, deceipt, corruption, greed, threat, and generates nothing but fear, anger, frustration, worry, guilt, fear, fear, fear, then is it not time that we stood up and outweighed the balance. Is it not time that we started to question what we’re allowing to be done to us. And we can do that by taking back control of the information that we choose to receive and reviewing the beliefs that we choose to believe.

Is it not time that we started to question what we’re allowing to be done to us?

So, where do I stand? Well, in much the same place as I’ve stood for a number of years, but much more strongly, much more rooted. In a position of anticipation, of curiosity and strength, of calm, readiness and optimism. Really think about that word sovereignty. It’s not just the royals that get to hold the title of sovereign beings, you and I do too. And it’s time we reclaimed that autonomy, that right we have to do our own research, to think for ourselves, to make up our own minds, to decide who and what we listen to and to not live so deeply steeped in fear. It’s time we reclaimed our own sovereign right to simply be responsible for ourselves, and to take ownership of our own lives, our health, our decisions and our choices.

It’s time we claimed back our own power.

Nobody can tell you what to think, what to believe, what to know. But, yet, they always have. Always. What an incredible opportunity to review every single thing we believe, every single belief we’ve always believed, to throw it all up in the air and start again. Let’s embrace the opportunity and choose to stand up! ‘They’ can do what they like but we have our spirit, and the more we realise and remember that we are all connected by energy, the more worthwhile it becomes to be more proactive, to step into our power, our sovereignty, our autonomy, our collective independence, and our freedom to think for ourselves, because then we are helping this thing to move in a positive direction, then we are doing it together, instead of individually, independently, getting stuck in the sludge of it, waiting to see what it’s going to do to us, our lives and everything that we’ve believed.

So where do you stand?

Spirit or sludge. You decide.

So, where do I stand? In the spirit, in the light, in the truth of our deep and infinite connection to the source of everything that is stronger, more superior, more humble and more loving than the collective and dense fear of the human ego. And as always, I stand in optimism, acceptance and readiness for change.

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