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You matter

6th September 2021

You matter.

That’s it. That’s all I want to say this week.

YOU really do matter in this world.

There’s so much judgement, so much labelling, so much self absorption and narcissism, so much condemnation and arrogance, so much denial and avoidance. I just really REALLY want people to know how much they matter.

Imagine what it might feel like to matter. Head up, shoulders back, chest out, smile. Start there.

Challenge the norm. Challenge the mainstream. Challenge the peer group. Challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to start believing that you are worthy. You are deserving. You are just as important as every single other human being on this planet. This whole race thing, the societal hierarchy, the divisory nonsense we go on with and accept as part of our existence as a human being … these are exactly  why we can’t see ourselves for who we really are.

Yet every single one of us matters to this world. Every single one of us is worthy, deserving, and valuable JUST FOR BEING US. Just for being ourselves! There’s so much more of you than the you you let the world see. We hide from ourselves. We deny and avoid and ignore and pretend.

YOU matter. You really do matter. You’ve been led to believe the opposite and so live accordingly in so many ways.

The whole system of our upbringing has taught us that we don’t matter unless we are x, y, or z, or do a, b, or c. Yet how can that possibly be? If we were born, then we matter. If we are here then we have a place.

You were born and you are here, so claim your place and know that YOU matter.

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