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5th July 2021

Yes, you CAN!

When life throws you curve balls, know that you CAN.

When things change, or people pull the rug out from under you, know that you CAN.

Whenever you’re in doubt, know that’s coming from your head as well as the imprints of conditioning, and that your heart and soul can change that doubt to CAN.

We are here to evolve. You are here to evolve. That’s what this is all about. And it’s not always comfortable. In fact, evolving is not comfortable at all. But it’s what we’re doing whether we’re aware of it or not. The frequency at which we operate is dependent upon our level of awareness. What we focus our energy on, we create. What we think about, becomes. What we believe, we see. Within our own space, within our own aura, we can create strength and witness. We can illuminate the truth of our being. We can stand and rise up from our soul.

We can high-five life, it’s just parade. A travelling pantomime of experiences and emotions. When we stop focusing on what the outside is doing to us, we can release and build upon what’s within, so that we’re ready, and empowered, in all our strength and might.

Building on what’s within you is how I’m here to serve our nation. As we change our inner consciousness, we shift the consciousness of the collective. That’s how energy works. Awareness, focus, intent and commitment.

So that’s this week’s news. You CAN. You really, truly CAN. And that’s not just words, that’s not just a space filler. That’s the truth. There’s a pathway. There’s a guide book. There’s a map for you. And the sooner you realise that there’s so much more to you and for you, and open your heart to the high frequency potential that’s stored inside your cells, the sooner you’ll liberate your truth, your power and your sovereignty.

This month’s personal evolution gift for you

With my intention on serving Scotland and creating a soul embodied community in this country, I’d love to offer three people currently living in Scotland the chance to benefit from my Inner Illumination series for £150. This is almost half price. The Inner Illumination series is a series of three one-hour 1:1 sessions during which we dive straight into the alignment of your energy, your cellular structure and your DNA, and how knowing how your personal energy works (which is essentially how you work) can empower you into the fullness of your exquisite and unique potential.

The three calls are to be taken within a one-month period, and be fully paid in advance. If you do nothing else towards your inner evolution, this short-term personal commitment will open you up to parts of yourself you didn’t know were there. This new knowledge can change your whole approach to your life. You can read the experiences of others here. And you can apply here or via email: . Please briefly outline your intentions for applying.

Are you living in Scotland? Sign up for your almost-half-price Inner Illumination series.



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