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What happened to our strength?

10th January 2022

What happened to our strength as humans, our strength as individuals, our strength as community? What happened that we obey and conform, we trust and believe, without question, those we have been conditioned to believe are an authority over ourselves, those we have been told are better, more knowing, than we are, no matter what  they say? What happened that we don’t speak up, or stand up, that we continue to shrink as a global collective under the dictats of those for whom the matter of our global and personal health is not even on their agenda?

What happened that we trust what’s outside us over what’s inside us? What happened that we trust others before we trust ourselves? What happened that we are so steeped in fear that we can’t see gross manipulation, corruption and deceit when it’s staring us in the face?

What happened that even when we can  see it we continue to conform, to go along with it, so rooted in the fear that we’re scared to go any other way?

What happened?

What happened that we’ve allowed a mainstream media to tell us what to do, what to think and, God help us, how to treat each other? What happened along the way for so many to think this is okay, and  to go along with it?

What happened?

Here’s what I think happened. We were all born into this low-vibrational consciousness where we gradually learned that it was not okay to be all of us. We were taught that it was not okay to question, to think for ourselves, to step off the rail tracks of normality, of average, of mediocrity. We were taught, gradually, painfully, that we were not allowed to feel our feelings, or live as full humans, or express who we were through our creativity, or dream our dreams. We were taught that we were not okay the way we were, that we had to meet the expectations, comply with the standards, live within the confines and constraints, of our systems and societies, without question or complaint. When we acted out, or went quiet and insular, while our souls were assimilating into this life of compliance, barriers, and conditions, we were labelled or condemned, or put on the naughty step, because we upset people.

All of this was creating our disconnection from ourselves. All of this was teaching us that we weren’t good enough the way we were, and that love was conditional. As we were drawn away from our own inner authority and knowing, we learned to dissociate from our soul, our truth, from all of who we were. We were pulled apart, stood on, and crushed into shadows of our whole so that we would turn into products of our environment, suitably moulded, contorted, and ‘safe’, because when we are small, quiet, scared and obedient we do not threaten or challenge our teachers or our authorities.

Let’s make a new ‘what happened’!

What happened to our strength as humans, as individuals, as communities? It doesn’t really matter any more what happened. What’s exciting  is that we are here now, connecting and reconnecting with our true selves, our whole selves, and with each other. We are creating a global web of strength, of light, of love, where we are standing, and helping each other to stand, in our truth, our own inner knowing, our own resonance and light. If you can feel your strength deep down, your inner KNOWING, but you’re scared, please get in touch. If you want to feel strong and learn to trust YOU, take the first step and get in touch. I have spaces, free spaces, and am creating spaces where you can reconnect within and grow, where you can meet others and start to free your spirit, feel alive and feel the vitality of life, spaces where there is promise, hope, love, and acceptance. I can also connect you with many people who are stepping up and out of the mire that is our existence, that are questioning, putting their shoulders back and their sleeves up and starting to trust, believe and honour  what they feel  and know  inside to be their truth.

YOUR truth is the truth that matters.

In this life your truth is the truth that matters. What feels right for YOU is it, no question, no explanation, no judgement. This is about tuning in to what feels right for YOU, not what feels right for me, or for your partner or friends or family, or for the government, or for the rot that is our media, or for anybody else. What feels right for you is what feels right for YOU. You won’t be alone, you will be joining millions of us who have been stepping into the gifts of our souls for a while, and have already started to build better, nicer, truer, simpler new beginnings.

Let’s create our own version of ‘what happened’. Let’s create ‘What happened when all the individuals reconnected within and found  their power and strength’. YES!! Let’s create that  ‘what happened’.

I can open the doors for you and show you the way. And no, there is no  obligation to do anything if and when you get in touch. Try it. We’re creating a new world here, a world of integrity, where we live from our hearts, and we’d love  you to be part of it.

Get in touch here.


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