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What can YOUR attitude create?

12th April 2021

Today we came home from our dog walk with a tennis ball, two golf balls and an extra poo bag. Other days we go out with a ball, or a frisbee, and a couple of poo bags, and come back with nothing. It’s really struck me lately, how this law of giving and receiving really works. This is the law of abundance. This is true energetic flow in action.

This is fluidity of life.

This is the way we’re meant to live. Open and in flow. With love. With money. With nature. With all things. This beautifully detached level of fluidity brings honour and grace to the gift that is life. This constant form of exchange is exactly how the universe works. Even if you’ve got very little, pass it on, without expectation, because the act of giving will create the act of receiving – because in life everything has to flow.

But we don’t really know how to ‘do’ flow in our western culture, and even when we do, it doesn’t necessarily make it an easy thing to achieve. Our third-dimensional collective consciousness has conditioned us to lack, to scarcity, to greed. It’s taught us that money is ‘hard’, that money rules, that money has brought arrogance, competition, comparison, depression, poverty, and so much more.

But money hasn’t brought us any of these things. We have brought us these things. We  have created all of that through our attitudes and beliefs. Just like every single other thing in the world, money is energy. Money vibrates at the frequency it receives. So if we choose to create a low vibe around money, then we are going to attract low vibe creations, thoughts and outcomes in relation to money.

Our culture has taught us disconnection from the very thing that gives us life. That is  life. Energy. As we disconnected from ourselves, so we disconnected from the flow and cycle that holds us all together.

Energy exchange is the flow and cycle that holds us all together! It creates colour, joy and abundance!

The flow and cycle in which we give and receive, lose and find, dog toys is extraordinary. We have an ongoing variety and constantly changing selection of different toys to keep life exciting and colourful. The golf balls we find go to a neighbour, whose dog will only play with golf balls, nothing else. That same neighbour throws toys that she finds over our fence, which we play with, give away or eventually lose. There is a magical flow of recycling, regeneration and abundance in world of the dog toy.

If this is how our own lives should be – and it is –  how can we replicate this fluid energetic connection in other ways in our lives? How can we allow this natural flow, where things come, things go, and all the while we trust the flow so much that we don’t even think about it being a flow, it just becomes the way we live as we reciprocate-18336_1280sing and dance the joy of life.

How can we get better at allowing this sacred movement in our lives? What behaviours, thoughts, attitudes can you change this coming week to help create fluidity in the world? How can we become ‘freer’ with our things. Because, really, they’re not really ‘our things’, not really. How can we foster a world of graciousness and sharing?

How can you circulate the energy of dynamic exchange?

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