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Tidings or Tithings

3rd January 2022

I’ve been learning how to tithe.

Or, rather, I’ve been ‘practising’ tithing. For, I feel, tithing is a ‘practice’. It’s something you have to work on, particularly given the scarcity consciousness and state of ‘lack’ we all tend to live in. I found this attitude of poverty particularly rife when I returned to Scotland after 20 years in Australia. I’m not saying Australia had a particularly high-frequency collective state of mind in terms of money and finances (in fact, it most certainly didn’t), but, wow, returning to the UK caught me off guard and I got sucked in immediately. It took me a few years to realise what had happened, and another couple (or more) to even really begin to pull myself back out.

I wrote a month or so back (8 November 2021) about money, and how I’d been brought the full circle, from being mentored by Kimberly Maska on how to actually make money from a spiritual business in her Spiritual Biz™ Bootcamp (and not doing it), to now consulting to Maska Media as a spiritual coach, working with those who are currently in the position I was in just over three years ago, to help them clear through their inner gunk, cut the anchor, and start sailing.

One of the things Kimberly taught us – and continues to teach as well as exemplify – was the importance of tithing to create a healthy frequency and flow around money. Open up to receive, but also open your arms to giving. Makes perfect sense to my human brain. But try doing that in reality and it’s a whole different ball game. At least, it was for me. My partner, David, would give the last of his last to anyone he felt was worthy of that. But I found that when I was living in lack, stuck on anchor, being triggered left, right and centre, not really ready or willing to trust and step out after all (and  making so little from my business that I couldn’t even really call it a business), there was no way I was going to start giving 10 percent of what I was receiving away, beautiful, open-hearted, spiritual practice or not.

Let’s take a deeper look at this. I looked up tithing, and as I suspected, it has roots in religion and government. However – and this is a conversation for another day, because we have SO much opportunity to change the vibration of EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE if we choose to – Kimberly talks of (and practises) tithing as a completely high-vibrational energetic practice to help us to shift both the energy of money and the energy of ourselves. Because, let’s face it, the topic of money is HUGE. I take my hat off to her for the grief she frequently receives while we all deal with our energetic chaos around this topic.

How can we change the world, if we hold onto low-frequency beliefs about money.

But how else are we going to change our world, if we insist on holding fast to our low-frequency beliefs about money. Many people living at a higher frequency of consciousness naturally want to serve the world. They want to give to people, help people, and make life better for people. And, in this current climate, they can’t do that if they don’t have money. If they have money, they’re going to invest their money back into service, into high-frequency offerings, into environments, opportunities, and experiences that allow for those things to happen. They may even invest some of their money in themselves, because we’re all on this evolutionary journey together. We all need inspiration. We all need help and guidance from time to time. We all need to feel good and thrive in order to help other people to feel good and thrive. Paying the true, honest spiritual leaders for their guidance and offerings is going to make the world a FAR better place. Yet we continue to put more value on a spa weekend, or a night in a hotel with a meal and drinks, than we do on a genuine and long-term investment in ourselves. I fear it’s because we can ‘see’ the former, and  we don’t actually have to do anything in those scenarios. There’s no onus on us. Someone else is doing the work. As a race, we don’t like taking responsibility for ourselves. We don’t like looking at ourselves and facing our limitations or discomforts. We also find it hard to believe in what we can’t see. And we can’t see our potential so we don’t believe it. (Your pathway to your potential is right here!)

Money is energy, just like everything else, and simply by working alongside Kimberly and being in her space, my own attitude, vibration, beliefs, and thoughts patterns, are continuing to transcend the frequency that remains rife in my external. So it was interesting, when  I was opening up to what I’d like to write about this week, to be given ‘tithing’, and the message that this year I was to start bringing transparency and conversation around money.

Tithing helps you to honour your own worth. It helps you to remember the beautiful dance that is giving and receiving.

Tithing, in its higher frequency definition, is about graciously giving, without obligation or proclamation, 10 percent of your income to someone or something that has helped your spiritual growth. It is a token of gratitude, of thanks, of kindness for a kindness. It is also a gift you can give to someone you would like to help out or assist in some way. It is a truly beautiful and endearing practice that helps us all to remember the natural flow of being able to give and receive. It is about helping us to honour our own worth as energetic beings living in and creating flow. It is about helping us to create open hearts around money and the subject of money. It is about helping us to create abundance consciousness instead of scarcity consciousness.

I’ve been tithing for a few months now. It’s not something I need (or want, actually) to talk about, but I realise that if I’m to play my part in shifting consciousness around this subject, then I need to be transparent too. My first tithe was to Kimberly herself. I appreciate beyond words the reasons and the synchronicities that have brought me back round to the Maska Media enterprise, and for the opportunity to continue my own personal evolution in this space.

The best and most sound investment in this life has to be finding out who you really are and becoming all of that incredible and unique soul.

Another thing, a more subtle thing, about tithing is that it helps me to stand strong when people challenge, or are challenged by, the figure I charge for an immersion into themselves. I know that I inspire a new world with part of what they give me. I also know that unless people make the financial investment into themselves, they don’t actually do the work, I get depleted trying to help them, and neither of us ‘wins’. My biggest longing on this earth is to see people rise into the fullness of their own personal power.But I have to be nourished myself first, before I can nourish others.

So, tithing. That’s it. I’ve put it out there. I will speak more of it. I will speak more of money. I will build this in to what I’m here to do. And I will continue to help whoever would like to come with me on their own inner journey, while continuing on my own.

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