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There MUST be more than this!

30th August 2021

I KNOW there’s so much more for me out there! There’s GOT to be more than this!!

These words, that inner knowing, that deep sense of frustration … the feeling that you’re going to burst with stagnation if something doesn’t change soon. That feeling of being stuck, alone, and so WASTED. That was me.

Yes. Wasted. That’s what I felt. Lost. Wasted. Resentful. Wanting to scream, or bang my head against a brick wall, or both. And often. I KNEW I had so much to give but I had no idea where to even start in finding fulfilment. I was in the wrong job (make that jobs), I knew that, but EEUGGHH … I was caught in this cycle, this trap of disillusion, of limitation, of contempt. This cycle of my own creation really, now that I can see it from here. My own creation because I chose to stick with my same limiting beliefs and unconscious low-frequency thought patterns, and taking the same actions.

And so, the way I’m learning it, I kept programming my DNA with information that didn’t do anything for me.

By changing nothing, I kept myself where I was.

I can own it. Yes, I can own it now. I think I thought I was owning it at the time, but I didn’t really know what that meant or how to do that. I knew I had choices, I knew I had freewill, but I was still stuck in this human condition where we can’t see anything beyond what our brain has been entrained to believe. I was still stuck in this system where money and our perception of money rules everything, whether we like it or intend it that way or not.

Yes, I also felt like a victim of my reality. Even knowing there’s a bigger purpose, and a reason for every experience we have, I didn’t fully understand what that meant for me in my life either, or how to use that information. I was still perfectly able to feel angry and sorry for myself and take my stuff out on other people. We can all hide from what we don’t like about ourselves and put responsibility for our lot onto others. But that’s neither empowering nor healthy.

I am also learning and embracing my own energetic design. That means learning about just how unique I am, how I ‘work’ and engage with life, and what my full potential is. And wow, that is one of THE most worthwhile, empowering, life-changing gifts I have ever given myself. It tells me SO much about myself. It empowers me with so much information, so much explanation and so much guidance that I can’t help thinking we would all be served far more greatly if we were given our very own personal design instruction booklets to guide our life right from the start. And let me tell you, it’s an inner journey, not the externally focused and all-consuming, discouraging, disempowering, external journey we’re taught that it is.

Now, after half a century on this earth, my current focus is two-fold: 1) undoing the conditioning of decades of toxic feed to gradually nourish and unfold into ME, and 2) learning as much as I can about the human design so that I can guide and empower those who feel drawn to nourish and unfold into themselves. If I can shed the result of years of constrictions and constraints, so can you.

It really just takes a choice. But the choice must FEEL right, and you must be energetically ready to make it. A choice, and the commitment to invest time, energy and awareness into yourself. And what helps you to make that choice is keeping your heart and mind open, and activating your inner guidance. Then you’ll just know. Something will light up inside you, spark your inner flame, and you’ll just KNOW you’re receiving a message to move forward. Listen to those feelings and allow them to guide you.

There is SO much more of you waiting inside.

Your life IS bigger. You DO have so much to give. There IS so much more out there for you.

There is SO much more of you hiding inside. Your frustration is real, but it’s just a message. When you pay attention to the message, it disappears.

It’s telling you it’s time.

September Offer 

This week I qualified as a Level 1 Quantum Human Design™ Specialist which means I can give detailed readings that tell you about your Human Design type, life strategy and inner authority. One consultation will give you enough information about yourself for you to change your approach to your whole life and to come closer into alignment with who you really are. The application of the information is, of course, up to you, but I can show you the way according to your unique design. I will need your birth details: date, place and time.

For September only, I’m offering readings for £55.

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