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The most liberating gift you can give yourself

23rd August 2021

As our world evolves, and people start to question the rationale of our blind reliance and trust in government powers and systems, many have found themselves doing their ‘inner work’. It’s not so much that they set out with the intent to break through themselves and find out who they really are; more the nature of our reality made millions of people see behind the veil of corruption and realise that the deepest truth they felt was the core truth within themselves.

I love  inner work. I love to see people empowered and really owning their existence, realising their values and choosing to stand strong for what they believe in. I love to see people step into their heart space, embrace everything they are inside, challenge the external control, and commit to feeling their way forward and bringing the whole of themselves out into the open.

If you’re going to do any  work, then your inner work is the most liberating gift you could ever give yourself.

Not so long ago I wouldn’t have known what doing your inner work really meant. Even when I was doing  it. Maybe it’s a recent concept. Maybe I knew it as personal growth, or something. I’ve found myself using the term a lot though, because if you’re going to do any  work, then your inner work is the biggest and most liberating gift you could ever give yourself.

So what does  it mean, to do your inner work? Well for me, it means healing energetic wounds, clearing emotional suppression, and rising, growing into, the fullness of the person I was born to be. For me, it means breaking free of a lifetime of oppression and conditioning, a lifetime of meeting expectations and doing what I was told. It means shedding a lifetime of not  being fully myself because ‘full me’ apparently wasn’t acceptable. We were all – most of us anyway – brought up to conform with what other people wanted us to be so that they  could feel comfortable. Each of our stories is different, but essentially the upbringing was the same. Zero unconditional love. Schools, parents, friends, religions, extra-curricular activity … society in general. We were indoctrinated to this earthly existence. Which is why 95 percent of us are still living deeply rooted in fear of the system.

Doing your inner work means bringing awareness to the emotions that you feel, to the way you behave, to the thoughts you think and the beliefs you have, and then doing something with that. It means questioning all of it, and bringing renewed awareness and heightened consciousness into everything you say, do, and feel.

It means connecting within. Connecting with you. And believing you, and trusting you.  

Doing your inner work means breaking free of limitation and creating a new story for yourself. A story that is true. Because while we are living small, limited, and in fear we are neither living in our truth nor are we aligned with our authentic self.

Doing your inner work means rising into the fullness of your brightest flame.

Doing your inner work means feeling  all of your emotions (not at the same time, they come when they’re ready.) It means shining the light into the darkness of your being, bringing light to your truth, rising into the fullness of your brightest flame. It means feeling and expressing  the emotion that’s been stored away, holding you back. It means feeling the pain, crying the tears, shifting (finally) the energy of the suppressed anger, fear, guilt, unworthiness, condemnation … all of that. It means surrendering. It means feeling and acknowledging what we weren’t allowed to feel or express when we were babies, toddlers and children. And because we weren’t allowed to express our feelings when they arose (emotions – energy in motion), they got stuck. We became numb. We all but froze, emotionally. A river that doesn’t get to flow freely overflows. After centuries of living this way, we’ve grown into a race of people that have no idea how to express our emotions or how to live true to ourselves. And so, we have fallout. The river overflows, leaking out wherever it can find an opening, often creating torrents of damage, physical and emotional (or psychological), in its wake.

The river is the human being. We’re either exploding outwardly and inappropriately, reacting to something that triggers all these unspent, undealt with, unhealed emotions, or we’re imploding, just managing to hold ourselves together, repressed and inwardly being eaten away.

All we have to do now is take responsibility for ourselves. Own our place in this world.

This isn’t necessarily a happy subject. Feeling. Emotions. Inner work. It doesn’t elicit excitement or joy. Realising there’s something we can do about ourselves and our lot isn’t what we want to hear. We’re brought up as victims, and we live comfortably uncomfortable in our pain and discomfort, desensitized to there being any other way. And victims many of us will stay, blaming our external world, our upbringing, the government, our friends, our education, religion … excusing ourselves because our stuff is somebody else’s problem.

Yet there is nothing to blame and nothing to excuse. None of it is anybody’s fault. All we have to do now is take responsibility for ourselves. Own our place in this world. We left responsibility for us up to everybody else up till now, and they didn’t do that great job of encouraging us, empowering us, telling us how wonderful, unique, beautiful, capable, deserving and worthy we are. So it’s time to leave all our grudges behind – but only after we’ve felt  all our feelings – and take back the reigns and power over our energy. It’s time to bring our worthy, deserving, compassionate, loving, gracious selves out into the limelight and spend the rest of our lives growing, unfolding, and rising  into our greatest potential.

The inner work is not fun. But it is rewarding. The inner work doesn’t tickle but it is the  most liberating investment you will ever  make into yourself.

Break down the dam of suppressed emotions and set yourself free.

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