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The disconnect is real

25th April 2022

It doesn’t take much. A comment here, a challenge there, and next thing we’re sucked into the external again, without a second thought for ourselves or looking after number one, completely disconnected from within.

It’s the way it is. Two steps forward, three steps back. Isn’t that our lot? Isn’t that what it means to be human? It’s certainly the way we were conditioned, that we are victims of our environment, victims of circumstance, passive creatures, moulded by all that is outside of us, and allowing ourselves to be unconsciously gobbled up by whatever comes along next. It’s been the nature of our lives as human beings for … forever.

BUT, we no longer need to lie down and accept that as our life sentence. We no longer need to sit back and allow what life throws at us to knock us down. In fact, it’s more important now than it ever has been that we don’t. This unhealthy acceptance of all that is outside of us is what creates the disconnect we have from ourselves. It is our unconscious programming at work, and we are so much more  than our unconscious programming. In fact, reprogramme your unconscious to become conscious and you’ll be sprouting more wisdom and  be more confident and in your power than you’ll ever even hoped to believe could be possible.

Choosing to put your awareness on your unconscious programming can’t help but start to make it conscious. Becoming aware of the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the beliefs you feed yourself, the thought patterns you allow to run through your unconscious being all day every day, the frequency at which you operate, and deciding to honour you  instead of being a victim to your programming WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I promise you that until you truly bring the unconscious conscious, you’re going to keep getting sucked into the victim consciousness (or UNconsciousness), the judgements, the expectations, the oppression, the control, the confusion, the constant racket that goes on out there. Choose to bring awareness, contemplation, observation, conscious thought and mastery to your day, and you will reconnect  and step into your freedom and power like you never have before.

Choose to be in control, instead of controlled.

Choose to create high vibrations instead of low vibrations.

Choose to honour YOU and look after what’s inside.

Choose to connect with YOU. Choose to connect within, and to let go of the external noise.

Choose to come home to your soul. That’s the only place you really have to be.

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Some feedback from recent clients

You received BEAUTIFUL gratitude today … you are doing amazing work and are greatly appreciated.

Your authenticity comes through in all of the work that you share – it truly does.

Thank you for your love and genuine care. You are such a beautiful natural healer guiding so gently through all my chaos, confusion and so much more. I always feel elated after our sessions. Thank you so much for all you do and share with me.

Event cancellation

Due to unforeseen events, the 31-day ‘Activate your Inner Potential’ event will not take place during May. I’m hoping this will be able to be rescheduled in a few months. Thank you everyone who expressed an interest.

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