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Retreat to the silence within

20th September 2021

Two years ago this month I ran the last (and only) Silent Retreats Scotland five-night retreat in a beautiful secluded house in the heart of the peaceful and energising Trossachs. Last year I decided to no longer focus on that part of my business, and more or less closed it down. I was aware that Facebook hadn’t removed my page, even though I’d asked them to, but didn’t really think much more about it.

Recently though, and all of a sudden, my Silent Retreats Scotland page has been getting a lot more ‘likes’. So, I am investigating. I have posted on my page, and I am putting the word out here as I’d love to know whether there’s a serious interest for this or not.

Silent Retreats Scotland was a space for inner nourishment and nurturing, reconnecting with your soul, and becoming ‘whole’. It wasn’t, and never will be, about being in Buddhist-type silence. My tagline for the retreats was Where the sounds you do hear nourish your soul. Everything I offered was to gently encourage people back into themselves. Silence is to be found within. To thrive, we really need to be able to find that silent spot wherever we are physically, and no matter how much external noise there is going on. We can’t always escape from the racket that is our human existence, so it’s important that we can tune in – that we can connect to our inner silence – whether we’re on the London underground, in the middle of New York city, surrounded by thousands at a concert or festival, or with the extended  family for Christmas. Wherever we are, we need us. I helped people – and still do, just not through retreats at the moment – to connect with that part of themselves.

The silence is inside you.

When we connect to the silence within, we nurture our power, our freedom and  the wholeness of our being.

Silent Retreats Scotland was a place of empowerment, and respect, and of inner worth. It was, and still can be, a place to truly and deeply feed your soul. While it wasn’t a ‘no speaking’ retreat, it was definitely a space to get used to being in silence. As a race, we humans don’t really like to be silent or in silence. It makes us nervous. It makes us uncomfortable. It makes us pay attention to ourselves, and we don’t like doing that. We like the external distraction. We like the excuses to avoid being with us. We are continually looking to fill the silence gaps with some more chaos.

So. What do you  think?

  • Are you interested? Not interested? Yes please! No thanks? Not bothered one way or the other?
  • Do you think you’d ever come to a Silent Retreats Scotland retreat?
  • Should I create a Facebook group so that I can post about retreats and other empowering and expansive opportunities? Would you join it?
  • Would you like to see anything in particular?

My mind is open to what these look like and also to the range of different and inspiring on and offline events we could have.

Silence really is golden. And this is an opportunity to really connect, through healthy silence, with ourselves and with each other.  It’s so much easier connecting with each other when you’re strong within yourself because you naturally respect both your own boundaries, and those of others.

I’d love your comments, suggestions, interest, with absolutely no obligation. You can comment on the Facebook page here or you can email me at or you can click on the link at the foot of this message. Thank you!

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What do you  think about Silent Retreats Scotland?

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