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Picture this ...

14th March 2022

Let’s picture something for a minute.

Your soul, a massive beam of light, incarnates into a tiny body form, on a very low-vibrational planet, and gestates inside your potentially low-vibrational mother for a while, getting used to what living life here might mean, before  literally ‘coming out’ as a human baby.

While your soul was coming to terms with your mother’s vibration, and all the ancestral energy attached to her, as well as how she expressed or suppressed (or projected) her emotions, your little forming human being was observing all of this, sucking it all in, absorbing it like a sponge, learning what it was going to mean to live on this planet.

Meanwhile, this poor mother of yours had been living on this same dark planet, where she had been programmed and conditioned, same as your dad, to live as fractions of the unique individuals they were  born to be. They were both crushed, oppressed, manipulated and moulded to meet the expectations of their external environment. Their souls, your mum’s soul and your dad’s soul, had grown numb. Dormant. Deactivated. They had been programmed to be compliant, obedient humans, and that’s what they were going to make you. They were going to make you ‘fit’. They didn’t know any different.

They didn’t know any different.

Once you had gestated, and your bright light had got used to that warm (and hopefully somewhat loving) environment, out you slithered, for potentially one of the rudest awakenings you’ve ever had. The realisation of what had just happened and what you were truly in for.

And so your conditioning began. Do it this way. Do it that way. Don’t say that. 

Your suppression began. Sshhh. Stop crying. Stop laughing. Be quiet. 

As the control of you began, your programming, your moulding, your compression also began. That’s wrong, hurry up, stop doing that, you’re not wearing that, sit down, stand up, go to sleep, wake up, get up, eat that, drink that, stop talking …

OMG! Can you feel that!!!

And so you spent the first twenty or so years of your life, working out what it meant to fit in to this system, to be accepted in this world, possibly or even probably being labelled as abnormal or difficult or challenging along the way. Others went inward, internalising the pain of growing up as a human child.

We don’t like ‘different’ on this planet. We don’t like ‘unique’. We don’t like creative. Our teachers didn’t like us dreaming, creating or asking questions. Our parents didn’t like us feeling or expressing our emotions, or affronting them. We like to cage, belittle, compare, control, condemn and silence on this planet. When we’re compliant, we’re not a threat.

And we’ve done this for centuries. Planet Earth has been in the low vibrational doldrums for eons. Look at the battles, the hierarchies, the wars, the division, the oppression, the polarity … look at it. That’s our history. Why would what we live in now be any different? Why would we think we would be immune to any of that today? It’s all still the same, just a more ‘advanced’ form of deception.

Here it comes … drum roll …

BUT. Something different is going on this time. And here it comes … drum roll …

See the image I’ve used today?? That’s you. That light is YOU. You might think they’ve dulled your sparkle. You might think we’re just creating more battle-weary history. You might feel torn, tired, angry and utterly, utterly spent. But know that the history we’re creating this time is a shift in consciousness. We are changing the frequency of the planet. This time we know better. This time the light is stronger, and it’ll get ever-more stronger the more who choose to stand in their light and rise. Rise into all of you. That light is YOU. You are sovereign. You are truth. You are empowered.

You can master all of you.

Energy can shift. It can be transmuted. It can change vibration. There’s no right or wrong about any of this, it is just how we’ve lived this life, programmed into the lower frequency potential of our DNA. The world can only go as low as the collective will allow it, and there are a whole lot of us shining our lights hard and bright. The more of us that choose this journey, choose the light, choose to take ownership and personal mastery, the sooner we’ll shift to a higher and brighter frequency.

Don’t ever doubt that your light is still inside! Your soul is still alive.

I’m creating a community where we inspire, open minds and shift mindsets. If this speaks to you, message me here for more information.



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