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Now we are adults, no longer dependent ...

26th July 2021

Tune in to me. Tune in to me. Allow, allow, allow the source of all that is to open me up and channel through my deep connection. Show me today’s news. Guide me forward. Connect me to my inner knowing, beyond the external disconnect, the shadows of our every day. Show me the way. Align me with my truth. For what IS truth any more, other than what is inside, fueling my soul, holding me strong, rooting me in my power? What IS truth any more, in a world where the wool is being pulled over our eyes, where fear constrains us in such a way that we don’t even realise it? What IS truth any more in a world where we trust outside sources that don’t make any sense over our own gut feelings and intuition? All those times in our lives when we’ve knocked ourselves on the head and said I KNEW  I shouldn’t have done it that way, or I KNEW I should have gone the other way, or I KNEW I knew it 

That intuition.

We allow our inner knowing to be over-ridden by external sources or by our ego mind. Either way, they both tell us the same thing. Our ego mind was trained and conditioned by the external, so of course it’s going to tell us the same thing.

We were conditioned throughout our childhood to stop listening to or even hearing our inner voice. Which is why we now live in our heads, entrained to ignore what we know, tethered by the limitations of minds that want to keep us exactly the same as everybody else.

You’re not here to be like everybody else!

We’re not here to be like everybody else! You’re not here to be like the crowd. You’re here to live the truth of your intuition, to live your story, to stand in your power, to challenge in whatever way is right for you anything that simply doesn’t feel right or doesn’t align with your inner knowing.

Now more than ever it’s time for you to trust YOU. Nobody else. Look outside for your information sources, look for alternative avenues of news, question everything, and then feel inside for your story, for what resonates with YOU. It can be scary at first, living the crusade of your own beliefs, truly using your freewill and making your own  choices, but very quickly you will feel the freedom and the empowerment of it.

Allow your  exquisite style, claim back your  inner power and commit to living the best life for YOU.

Times they are a-changing. It’s time to expand our minds and think BIG. Think inner potential. Think possibilities. It’s time to reignite balance and power in our lives and liberate ourselves from externally projected constraints, irrational orders and ‘laws’, accusations, division, and constant manipulations, persuasions and lies, and live this life for ourselves.

Grow into your most confident, charged, empowered self. The time is now.

It’s hard work right now. Harder than it’s ever been in any of our lives. There’s confusion, corruption and decay everywhere. The strongest and easiest way for us all to live right now is by opening up to our full potential and allowing ourselves to live all of us. All the bits that have been suppressed, all the bits that have been hiding, all the bits that weren’t allowed out as we were moulded into fractions of our whole – at home, at school, at church, at extra-curricular activities … everywhere. In this existence, we had no chance of growing into our fullest, most confident, charged, empowered selves.

But now we’re adults. We’re grown up. We are no longer dependent on any of the people or systems that crushed our souls and made us bury our true selves. We can turn things around. We can step up, shed the conditioning, throw off the cloak with the hood, break down the cage door that kept us confined, and step proudly into all of us. We no longer need to answer to a system that doesn’t serve us.

Do it. Do it now. You are everything ! Don’t let anyone dim your light. No more. You are light and the world needs more light.

You can book a free half-hour connection call here and you can contact me directly about anything here. Right now, I am open to every conversation. This is not about marketing, this is about creating growth, unity, personal sovereignty and reconnection. You are not alone.

Let the next light to be switched on be yours.

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