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Intending a brighter world

27th December 2021

I don’t know about you, but 2021 had me digging deep inside the well of my soul at times, for strength and truth I knew were in there, but which needed to be rattled into life.

And rattled they were, by one event after another (after another), my external world the catalyst for both my pain and my accelerated growth. As always, the external world shows you the inside. As always, the external holds the mirror to your soul. Open up to what’s available from every single encounter and experience in your life,  choose to no longer judge, blame, or feel like a victim – and see what the encounter is showing you or telling you about YOU. Bring consciousness and awareness to every opportunity, and although you won’t always see immediately what an event is showing you, your openness will ensure you receive what is there for you.

Be prepared

And be prepared. Our DNA is changing. Humanity is awakening on a global scale. The consciousness of planet earth is rising. But to be able to shift into higher frequencies of consciousness, we need to break down the systems and structures (health, financial, education, monetary, family …) of the shadow frequencies that have held us in their grips, and controlled us, for centuries. We also need to break through our own darkness, and denseness, our own limitations and barriers. We need to break free of our conditioning, and the weight of our karmic imprint and emotional wounding.

The fall-out of nearly two solid years of in-your-face government corruption and manipulation is starting to show itself as people cave in to ‘death from fear’. Most people aren’t scared of a virus; they’re scared of what will happen to them if they don’t do what they’re told, or what they’re being heavily coerced and enticed, indeed unethically and immorally ‘rewarded’ to do. They are dying inside. From brain washing, threats and bribery. From hypocrisy and mockery. The qualities of a government that cares so much about our health. The mental health pandemic and increasing suicides are brushed away under the carpet through censorship and fraud, while mainstream media keeps feeding the masses with lies, contortions and propaganda. The next two years there’s going to be more fall out. This is going to get worse before it gets better. I’ve had several conversations with friends recently about some quite absurd behaviour being displayed by people who are known to be sane, steady individuals. This mess is messing with people. People are getting angry, and their rage and deep sense of futility are starting to become externalised.

But at the same time it’s all going to get more obvious. More people are going to start to ‘see’ what’s going on.

Psychosis or awakening

There are two things going on. Is it psychosis or is it awakening? Are they both the same thing, just experienced at a different frequency?

Some people are dropping. Giving up. Letting go. Losing their sanity. A life that was already being lived in delusion – unconsciously watching mainstream news every day, reading newspapers, listening to propaganda, eating processed and fast-food junk, hanging around with people who are living a low-vibe lifestyle, not taking responsibility for the thought patterns and beliefs they allow to go through their being – is now all but numb. The system that pretended to care and inform was simply creating ‘un’health. People are so worn down by the threats, the bullying and the conniving, that any remnant of spirit they had left has been crushed. They have nothing left. They are done. The government has brought them down and it will stamp on them just to make sure.

The other, more positive and hopeful thing is that people are awakening. People are awakening TO their spirit within. People are rising up, empowered, their  truth becoming clearer and clearer to them as the bureaucratic perversions get louder. Hearts are opening, inner guidance is being felt and acknowledged, and people are shifting into the power of their own energy, their own resonance, their own inner truth. The government has gone one step too far for these people, and there will be a whole lot more people rising than there will be giving up.

People are going to need you

People are going to need you. People are going to realise that they need you. People are going to need help and when they see you still standing, with a smile on your face and offering a hug in your arms, they are going to look to you for love, support and guidance.

Are you ready for that?

The world we knew has gone. We are either going to arrive in a dictatorship, or we are going to collectively awake and create a world of colour, joy, and togetherness. I remember writing that in April 2020. It’s a long haul and we’re going in the right direction, but it’s not an overnight shift.

Thankfully, we are collectively awakening. YOU are awakening. I am awakening. The world is awakening. And awakening doesn’t tickle. Far from it. And it also takes as long as it takes. Some people won’t want to be a part of the awakening of earth, facing truths, facing emotions, coming to terms with the corruption on which our world has been based but here to create a new way forward. Others will embrace the change, the shift to a new paradigm, the opportunity to participate in creating a new world. Either way, people will find their way when they find their way. As we are crushed and ridiculed, more and more are rising within, opening their hearts, embracing their inner wisdom and choosing to follow the path that feels right for them. We are shifting to an era where we will be guided from within. We are moving out of our heads where logic and reason keep us contained.

Pathway to your Potential

Nowhere is right or wrong or better, this is a unique and individual journey for every single one of us. If you feel inspired to take action to experience your inner strength, and realign with the being you came here to be, I have spaces on Pathway to your Potential, which starts next Monday. Pathway to your Potential is a six-week inner immersion into YOU. You are given your own unique map and support as you shift the focus and intention of your whole life. You can find out more here. And you can book in for a free half-hour connection call if you’d like to chat about whether it feels right for you.

If you take anything from this final Voice of Connection for 2021, please take time to create a clear, strong and positive intention for 2022. The stronger our light, the sooner we’ll collectively shift into it. As I said in my book, Live Your Sunshine – Be Your Light. Always.

Pathway to your Potential

Monday 3 January 2022 for six weeks

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