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I found my Pearl!

9th August 2021

I was dabbling around in my Gene Keys again this morning because something came up over the weekend that was creating feelings of resentment and triggering discomfort inside me. I ended up putting everything else aside so that I could delve into what was coming up for me and give it space to transmute.

What I realised, as I went deeper and deeper in, was that it seems my whole life has been rooted in resentment. This is the Gene Keys and Human Design journey. This is what happens. You’re given clues about your energetic design and alignment, and the high frequency potential that’s stored inside your DNA, and then it’s up to you to pay attention, to follow the trail of your feelings and emotions, and see what you uncover. You rarely like what you uncover, but it’s through your vulnerability and willingness to face that which you don’t want to face that you start to see what’s gone on in your life, and how it’s affected you, and begin to break through the unconscious programming that’s been limiting you and holding you in your shadows. Choosing to live consciously means living your life intentionally, with a significant level of self and social awareness, and patience. It means accepting what’s going on around you, and owning what it’s showing you about yourself.

So. I found my Pearl! Your pearl is that rare gem that is exquisitely YOU but which has been hidden away inside the oyster shell of your being. Your pearl is the gift you find when you’ve made your way through the murky waters, when you’ve shifted stagnant weeds here and dug deeper into the sludge there. We all have a pearl. And we all have years of murky water conditioning to contemplate, to grapple through and to bring our awareness to before we really uncover and realise the gift inside that pearl. We need to understand what’s going on and who we are inside before we can embrace our pearl with deep assurance, inner knowing and exhilaration.

… after an hour or two on a journey of awareness back through the years and events, I arrived at my birth.

I have been back through my life this morning, prompted by a situation that arose over the weekend that brought something else to the fore, that then brought something else to the fore, and after an hour or two on a journey of awareness back through the years and events, I arrived at my birth. I came into this world as a human baby girl, already carrying much of my mum’s emotional trauma as well as a plethora of ancestral wounds and imprints. As I entered this existence and realised very quickly just how heavy it was going to be, I immediately started resenting the fact that I’d agreed to be born into this life. And so resentment became the undercurrent of my life without me ever realising it.

Until now.

Would I have realised this without my Human Design and Gene Keys? I doubt it. Maybe eventually. Would I have expanded as much as I have in the past year and a half without knowing and being guided by my Gene Keys and Human Design? Definitely not. And the thing is, because resentment has been so deeply embedded in my being, I couldn’t clear the programming of it till now because I had to transmute a whole lot of other low frequency unconscious programming before I could see, feel or resonate with the fact that resentment was something I had to deal with.

We all have energetic trauma. Call it wounds. Call it imprinting. Call it programming or conditioning. They are all a bit different but, essentially, we all have elements of them all, and they all limit us.  Suppressed emotions that we were never allowed to feel because they made others feel uncomfortable that now play out as our low frequency attitudes, behaviours, language, beliefs and habits. Imprints from past traumas. Energetic wounds from our childhood from which we created coping strategies.

We all have work to do because as the world crumbles more and more before our very eyes, it creates space for us to create new higher frequency ways. Our future will be rooted in love and love emotions and we’re all here to embody that way of being. We can’t take our suppressed, unspent emotions with us. We’ll gradually allow the frequencies around us to lift us up and help us to transmute the arrogance, the aggression, the bitterness, the contempt, the ego that tells us we have no inner work to do and keeps us hiding. We’ll gradually allow ourselves to be lifted out of the repressed emotions that manifest inside us as guilt, worry, embarrassment, low self esteem, low self worth, inferiority, and the list goes on.

When you find your pearl it’s like all the dots have finally been joined. It is your deepest purest inner essence and it’s what you’re here to ‘be’.

You have your own pearl. It is your deepest purest inner essence and it’s what you’re here to ‘be’. When you find your pearl it’s like all the dots have finally been joined. There are no gaps. The healing and growth still continues, but the low vibe behaviours, words and attitudes, they get less, because gradually you’re breaking through your conditioning to free the truth of your soul … and that  is your pearl.

I’m thinking of running a Gene Keys and Human Design weekend in or around Stirling somewhere. If anybody knows of any premises with wi-fi that I could use for around 10 people please could you get in touch?

And if anyone would like a free half-hour connection call you can book that here.


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