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The human condition, or an intoxicating adventure ... you choose

24th May 2021

These deeply meditative experiences, where you immerse so completely with all that is, can be challenging to come back from. As resounding and revelatory as they are, the return to every-day human reality can be … difficult. Undesirable. An anti-climax. Sometimes I wish I could just not come back at all, as life without ego is delicious.

Yet during those moments of deep inner peace and mindful revelation, I have seen with such clarity, all of what we are. Not all of what we are just here in these bodies, but all of what we are as human form, playing our role on the bigger stage of life. I’ve felt and understood our transition from the non-physical  into our human foetus, the time when our soul imprints into this human body while we are in the womb, and I have understood my deep inner wound. My core wound. That which is everything. That which has travelled, energetically, down the lineages, through the ages, for centuries, eons perhaps, leaving a trail of chaos and self-destructive behaviour in its wake, and which is now ready to be healed. Ready to be shifted, cleared, transmuted, not just off me but off the nation of lineages for whom I agreed to do this work. We are healing centuries, ages, generations of ancestral suppression … these soul connections have been around me for decades, loving me, willing me on with their gratitude, their encouragement, their honour, showing me the way into my own power in a way that they, themselves, had no idea was even possible, such was the depth and weight of their own oppression.

It’s time for rebirth into the strength and beautiful unique human-ness of who we really are.

What a weight we have all carried, and continue to carry, and now our mission is – our missions are – to become ourselves. To finally, once and for all, be born, or reborn, into the strength and beautiful unique human-ness of who we really are. To love that lovable, vulnerable, confused and potentially emotionally-distraught little being inside of us, because that little being is us, just waiting to be loved and embraced into the whole of us. When we start feeding, nurturing and listening to the little voice inside, we will be healing a world of suppression. We will be setting the stage for the next pantomime, and this time it won’t be Les Miserables or Oliver Twist, it’ll be us singing the songs of our hearts, standing, living, being, in the fullest, truest and empowered expressions of who we really are. Because if there’s something else I’ve been shown as I connect profoundly within my own being, it’s that when we birthed into the seed that was our experience within our mother, we committed to living this human condition – and I also know that part of my living of that condition was to transform it for futureunborn-5375169_1920 generations. And I believe that if you’re reading this right now, it’s part of your mission here too. The human condition need no longer be a condition, something, a life, that we suffer, passively, as victims. It is something that we can bring to life and bring life to; something we can make live-able, vital and ALIGHT. We can make it an enriching, intoxicating and exquisite adventure, not for ourselves but for all life to come after us.

Let’s start paving the way for those who are coming behind us.

If we can embrace the innovative invite to a life of ease, simplicity, full-blown acceptance and sheer innocence, and feel the power of the energy of that condition, then we will be doing what we came here to do. We will be guiding the way, shining the light on new, fresh, free and alive.

If it’s time to rebirth into your greatest glory, contact me any time. This path is for everyone, and your  light is shining.

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