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How would you feel if I said that ...

21st March 2022

How would you feel if I said that …

  1. Equity and natural law supersedes our legal system? And that ignorance, indifference and denial is greater than corruption?
  2. There’s an easy way you can counteract the toxic environment in which you live, sleep, eat and breathe?
  3. Everything that annoys you, upsets you, creates a victim of you … actually doesn’t and can’t? That you  hold the power?
  4. “NHS Lothian does not have records/reports proving the causation link between SARS-COV-1 or any other coronaviruses and the suspected infectious disease.” (FOI response 16.12.21)
  5. Today’s problems are the result of yesterday’s thinking and unchallenged beliefs and assumptions.

There. How did any or all of that make you feel? If you’re still here, thank you for being open-minded enough to venture past the potentially confronting subject heading in the first place to keep on reading. Because, remember, as a global collective, we don’t like to feel. We don’t even always know how   to feel.

What did you feel?

So, seriously. How did you feel when you read those bullet points? And be honest. Did any or all of them trigger anything inside you? Did you notice yourself wanting to skip, or stop reading? Did you feel yourself confronted? Did you notice yourself getting angry (and it’s fine if it was with me), or feeling challenged, or escaping into the all-too-accessible denial and indifference? Did you notice curiosity? Did your mind open, or close? Did your heart open, or close? Did you feel excited? Did you feel ‘yes’? Did you feel truth?

Did you feel confusion?

What did you FEEL?

Notice I’m not asking you what you thought. This is because your feelings  are your truth. We feel  our truth – and our truth is our  truth, by the way, nobody else’s – and then we allow our head to discount and over-ride our truth. We always have. We’ve learned that our truth isn’t acceptable in this existence, and we became deeply fearful to stand up for our truth.

Here’s bullet number 6. How would you feel if I said that:

6. Your truth is EVERYTHING? What’s inside you is EVERYTHING? What resonates with YOU is what’s right for YOU?

How would you feel if I said that:

7. Our future is about feeling, not thinking? That it’s time to allow yourself to be guided by your very own inner authority? To get used to following your very own emotional guidance?

Why is it called emotional guidance? Because it’s your feelings guiding you forward. It’s your feelings showing you the way. It’s your very own inner truth, your very own leader, your very own power and your very own sovereignty. It doesn’t matter what anybody says, if it comes from inside you, it’s YOUR truth.

How would you feel if I said that:

8. You can continue to ignore your truth and allow the power in the heads of those who think they are still running this show, and controlling you, to keep creating one debacle after another, or you can feel inside you for what is right for you, own it, and allow it to guide you?

I have no expectations, nor do I make any assumptions about how you reacted, responded, or otherwise to any of these questions. I’m just here to speak my truth, show you the way to yours, and play my part in shifting the energetic landscape and the frequency of this planet.

I’m looking for high-vibing people

I am looking for a high-vibing people to help me create a high-vibing community of people who are:

  • Inspired, looking to be inspired and happy to inspire.
  • Open minded enough to know that they want to open their minds even more as well as encourage other people to open their minds.
  • Here to take ownership for themselves and invest in themselves and in shifting global consciousness.
  • Activated and empowered physically and energetically.
  • Wanting to share my vision which is to hold a high frequency and change this world through inspiration, open minds and shifting mindsets.

The rest will take form as we come together and follow our hearts.

Curious? Get in touch! Right here!

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