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How is your financial acumen?

28th March 2022

I’m onto my second listening of Rich Dad Poor Dad  and, wow! The messages, the awakening, the realisation … the resounding confirmation that school, education, our upbringing, teaches us so very little about real life other than how to keep our minds closed, our thoughts narrow, and our lives constricted and chained to the system.

Words, phrases, terms like financial literacy, financial education, financial aptitude … Even fiscal conservatism. Have you ever heard of these terms, or thought about what they mean? Maybe you have. Maybe, unlike most of us, me included, you’ve learned or created financial aptitude. I believe that the reality for the majority of us is a pretty narrow mindset in terms of money and how to make it work for us. Certainly, in Scotland, there is an incredibly low vibration around the energy that is money. We are a country most definitely steeped in scarcity and lack.

In your mind, what is an asset and what is a liability?

In your mind, what is an asset and what is a liability? And have you ever wondered why our kids get taught ONLY that they must get a good education so that they can work for other people and sell their time (and their souls) for an hourly rate that does nothing  to empower them or value them as unique human beings? Have you ever considered that we do ZERO to teach our kids a strong financial foundation and an understanding of the economy? Most of our teachers have no idea or understanding about business. Why do we have limited minds teaching limited curriculums that ensure the continuation and sustainability of our limited collective mindset?

Of course, because that’s what the system wants. To keep us all small.

What has any of this got to do with connection?

This is all just another example of how we have become disconnected from ourselves. We are brainwashed and accustomed to working FOR and IN a system that holds us down, keeps us small, pays us pathetic amounts of money, even holding percentages of it back, and virtually consumes our whole life. We are so used to just following the norm, beholden to everyone else but ourselves, and  looking externally for our world to look after us (and so often blaming it when it doesn’t), that we’ve forgotten we’ve got a whole world of curiosity, skill and acumen inside us. Even when we go into business for ourselves it takes trust, commitment and often significant financial investment. It is a leap of faith. But why would we spend our whole lives being controlled by others, constrained by the limitations of their bureaucracy, living out their  strategies, and never opening our minds to becoming our business and making money work for us?

We’ve got a whole world of curiosity, skill and acumen inside us.

Our minds have been so deeply and brilliantly conditioned that we find it hard to even accept that there might be other ways of looking at life, never mind opening them up enough to contemplate other possibilities. We are a scared society, with a poverty mindset, so deeply rooted in lack and scarcity that we don’t just carry that heavy cloud around, we live in it.

Perhaps the greatest turning point in a person’s life is the realisation of the existence of the inner life. We are so often caught in the drama of our external lives that we neglect the greater part of our being. Like the iceberg, our true worth lies hidden beneath the surface.

Our intention, our unconscious attitude, and our deep sense of purpose all dictate the outer life. And to access the inner fabric of our reality we much turn within.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys Guide to your Venus Sequence

Money is energy, nothing else

Let’s change this world. Let’s challenge our attitudes and shift our mindsets. Let’s question, on every single level, everything we’ve been told. Money is energy. Just like we can reprogramme our DNA and our own energetic potential, so we can do the same with money. Let’s start doing ourselves and this world a favour and having the money conversations. Let’s start talking about it in a healthier way, and shifting its vibration. It’s not a rogue. It’s not ‘bad’. If all the open-minded, heart-centred, gracious, honourable, selfless, loving, empowered individuals in the world had the money, would the world not be a different place? Would there not be a far higher frequency around money? Would there not be a whole lot more giving, receiving and flow, a whole lot more generosity and LIFE going on? Do you think the right people wouldn’t be putting the money back into creating a better humanity?

I do.

Let’s create new perspectives around wealth, abundance and prosperity. Let’s start lifting the frequency around money. Let’s create a whole new financial frequency where money comes alive again instead of in the coffers of the powers that be.

If you’re up for activating humanity, please get in touch straight away.

If you’re up for activating humanity,

please get in touch straight away.

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