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How does your mindset serve you?

28th February 2022

Does  your mindset serve you?

Mindset has become a hot topic for me lately, which is why I know it’s important for me to talk about it here. Our mindset was founded on our deep conditioning. It’s what holds us tight in our beliefs. It’s a close relation of our thought patterns. It’s something that was formed from our experiences and it’s often closed, limited and narrow, because that’s the undercurrent of every teaching we ever had: how to be small, limited, compressed, controlled versions of ourselves.

Our mindset does an incredibly good job of keeping us exactly where we are. Unless we get really aware, really conscious, then our mindset will just keep telling us what we can’t do, and justifying why we shouldn’t embrace opportunities to try things, or change things, or haul ourselves out of our comfort zones. Look at where our comfort zones have got us. Rooted in our fear-based programming, virtually unable to contemplate living any other way.

It’s time to upset your apple cart

I know people who are mindset coaches. That’s how deepseated this thing is! That people need assistance in actually changing, challenging, shifting their mindset. There’s so much at play there. When you start to question things and make your own – and ONLY your own – decisions, and have your own opinions … when you start to open up your mind, and discern … you potentially start to upset the apple cart. You know, the apple cart of people who know you ‘this’ way, and don’t want you to change, and even if you wanted to, what would they think! The apple cart of everything you know: the toxic, corrupt system that you live in, the limitations of our school curriculums (I am delighted to see more and more parents taking their children out of schools and collaborating as community to do it themselves), the disaster that is known as our health ‘care’ system, the financial system, the way we ‘do’ money, the way we work, the whole 9–5, the whole blinkered and limited and oppressive and debilitating and heavy, soul-sucking toxic world that we exist in … when you start to question things and open up your mind and make your own decisions based on what actually resonates with YOU about life, you start to upset your all-too-familiar, comfortably uncomfortable apple cart.

You CAN change your mindset

You can change your mindset. You can reprogramme all that limitation and sameness. You can ask yourself why you believe what you believe. You can ask yourself if there could be another way of thinking about something. Challenge your mind to open itself up without judgement, but with curiosity. Try things. Retrain your brain. Make your unconscious conscious so that it serves you better.

Don’t judge people. Ask yourself what they could be showing you about yourself. Don’t jump to quick conclusions based on old beliefs. Ask yourself if this belief is serving you. Don’t assume. Look for the integrity in the opportunity. Get involved! Can you help bring  integrity to the opportunity? I mean, we have to start somewhere, and we need you with us.

Let’s get involved in changing this world. Let’s stop getting caught up in whatever distraction they’re creating now to keep us rooted in fear and not looking at whatever they don’t want us to see, and focus on shifting YOU. When you choose to shift your mindset, you choose to open up your world, and believe me, when you get on that path, you start to set yourself free of all of the low-vibrational programming that’s kept you in fear and you realise what feeling alive actually means.

When you’re ready to step out, contact me here. I’ll help you to find your way and meet other people. You’re not alone.

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