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Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package

7th June 2021

‘Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package.’

These words made me sad. Yet they’re true, too true. Even just sitting here writing this, I feel a swarm of responses from people denying they’ve got anything to offer, denying they’ve even got a package; and from others that know they have, but don’t know what it is or how to find it.

There’s a wealth of value, worthiness, and amazingness inside all of us. Inherent in us, in fact. But we’re taught that to live our value, to feel our worth, and to stand in our amazingness is arrogant, misguided, inconsiderate; that it’s embarrassing, tragic, or dependent on some perceived level of externally-judged ‘success’.

We’re taught to live as small – make that tiny – compressed versions of ourselves.

Yet we are vast. We are expansive beings. And we all matter. We all have strengths, we all have unique value, and we all have a potential that most are probably never going to realise, especially if we keep using our minds to either try to work out what it is, or to deny it’s even there.

No matter how scared you are of finding it, it’s there. Your potential. Your gifts. Your package.

It’s there. It’s always there, and it’s not going anywhere. No matter how much or how far you want to run away from it, and no matter how scared you are of finding it, it’s there. Your potential. Your gifts.

Your package.

You won’t find your package in logic, or reason, or effort. You can’t force your package, especially when you don’t actually know what’s inside it.

But you can activate it. It’s in your cellular energy. It’s stored, awaiting, in your DNA. And you open it through your awareness. Your conscious awareness. By paying attention. Noticing. Contemplating. Observing. Acknowledging. Feeling. Listening, not just with your ears, but with all of your senses. And allowing.

This is a different language for most people. The language of the heart. Airy fairy, it’s been called. Hippy. Woowoo. The exquisite guidance of your inner compass. A way of being that is really only starting to emerge, but is gaining significant momentum as more and more people question what is going on in the world and start to pay more attention to what resonates within.

With patience, awareness, commitment and contemplation you can find your package.

There is much out there. There are many ways, and many people, who can show you the way to your unique package. But you can start yourself, by practising awareness. By noticing how you’re feeling, especially how things, people, experiences make you feel. You can start by noticing things with all your senses, then observing them from a broader perspective, and consciously acknowledging or taking note of what’s going on at that point in time. You can try taking different viewpoints, different opinions, different thought patterns. You can remember to stand right here, right now, in the present, detached from past or future. Somebody once said to me: It’s hard work, being conscious – and yes, it is. Or rather, it’s conscious work. It’s constant work. It’s consistent work. Unpacking your gifts doesn’t just happen; it takes your intent, your focus and your true, intentional awareness.

Only you can find your package. Only you can unwrap the gifts inside. But with the right person, or people – your tribe – around you, you will be held, loved and empowered into those gifts.

The package is your truth. Your power. Your inner authority. Your personal sovereignty. Your freedom. And your own exquisite style. That package is YOU, and with patience, awareness, commitment and contemplation you, too, can continue on into the next stage of your life, but this time rise as fully-embodied you. It’s a beautiful, sometimes harrowing, sometimes exhilarating, always liberating journey of awakening and unfolding.

When it’s time to find your package, and you’d like to have someone by your side to guide you and hold space for you, feel around to see who resonates. And if you’re drawn here to me, I offer free 20-minute connection calls so you can sense whether you’d like to walk safely with me for a while.

Message me here for a free connection call.

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