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16th August 2021

Feeling feeling feeling. The thing we weren’t ever allowed to do. The thing that made us look weak. The thing that rendered us in some way condemned, so many times, that we learnt it wasn’t okay. The irony of that is that we now have this explosion of unspent energy and suppressed emotions bursting to get out of us and we’ve literally got no idea what to do with it. Many are projecting it onto each other; others are frozen and lost in repression. Add the current fear narrative, and global control and oppression, to a lifetime of pretending that we’re all okay, and suddenly it’s like a button has been pressed and feelings are being unleashed left, right and centre. People just don’t know what to do with all this feeling.

The human being – our bodies, our DNA, our frequencies – is evolving. We’re shifting in consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what that means because it’s happening anyway. But it accounts for much discomfort, much challenge, much breaking down of emotional cages, barriers, systems and beliefs. It accounts for the complete disruption of everything we ever knew and relied upon, and it accounts for the division that’s occurring in all of our lives in one way or another.

Feeling. Many are numb. Many of us are all but tranquilised on medications supposed to make us ‘feel’ better. You see, we’ve noticed something’s not right. We’ve noticed we’re not feeling good. But then we’ve chosen to disown that and seek ‘medical’ help, when actually the whole formula of our existence is exactly what’s been the carrot to our downfall. In my view, mental health issues aren’t usually a medical matter, they’re a system matter and they’re a result of never being allowed to be ourselves. When you are suppressed your whole life it messes with your head. You gradually numb to any feeling at all until you begin to either implode or explode because you can’t live with your mind any more.

When you are asked how you’re feeling, do you think  about it, or do you f-e-e-l into it? In the western world, feelings aren’t something we do. We don’t allow ourselves our feelings so it’s little wonder we have anything much other than judgement and condemnation left for those who don’t behave the way we think they ‘should’. If we don’t have unconditional love and respect for ourselves, we’ve got little chance of being able to genuinely give it to others.

Feeling our feelings is something that we’re going to have to get used to doing …

Feeling our feelings is something that we’re going to have to get used to doing because as we evolve we’re shifting to our emotional guidance from the limitations of our mental guidance. And it’s going to be a long road for a while because most human beings don’t understand how to hear their inner guidance (and the ones that do usually ignore it). That’s how suppressed we’ve been. We don’t even know how to hear ourselves, or where to start with that. Our head feeds us constantly, and we can’t tell the difference between our head and our heart. I asked a friend the other day how he was feeling and he said fed up. We spoke about what he was feeling inside and he said that was  his gut feeling, that he was fed up. So, there’s a tip. Your gut feelings, which are your emotional inner guidance, will never tell you you’re fed up. That is very definitely your head. Your head is very good and very ready to keep you down because that’s what its external conditioning has been your whole life. Your head will not encourage you, it will never lift you up. Your inner guidance, your soul’s narrative, your heart messages … they will lift you up and encourage you all the way.

This is where your tribe matters.

The work is to allow them to – lift you up and encourage you, I mean. The work is to start feeling, and honouring your feelings, and allowing every single one of them to move through you. However … disclaimer … it does not mean projecting them onto other people. It means owning them, not being a victim of them. It means stepping up and feeling the pain, honouring the pain, acknowledging the emotion for exactly what it is and wherever it comes from. Without doing that you are never going to heal the wound or shift the emotional trauma that’s stuck in your energy. This is where you want people by your side that will hold this precious, loving space for you as you step into vulnerability and feel  the things you’ve not felt before. This us where your tribe matters. This is where your soul family will hold you as you release what’s no longer serving you. Your soul family will never judge you because they’re on the same journey.

We’re here right now for a reason. We’re here to heal our pain, our core wounds, our trauma, so that we can pave the way for the future, creating what we want  to see in the world. As we break through all our shadow vibrations and transmute our living beings into our high frequency potential, we will rise into our personal power and true sovereignty and build a world that is alive with life.

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