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Creating emotional freedom

12th July 2021

“On the one hand, we live in a stressful society. But on the other hand, we hide from natural stressors. We cover ourselves with too many clothes and live in our comfort zone. But by hiding from natural stress, we disconnect from ourselves. That’s why we need to expose ourselves to challenge—to learn more about ourselves.”

Wim Hof

Wim Hof. The Iceman. Huge inspirer of the power of the mind. Huge advocate of ‘I can’ over ‘I can’t’ or ‘I will’. I spent five days last week taking cold showers, doing breathing exercises, and using the power of my mind on the short Welcome to the Wim Hof Method course. And the point he makes in the quote above gave me much food for thought. Because he’s right, we don’t expose ourselves to challenge. Any challenge. We don’t. Not really. Comfortable challenge, maybe. But mostly, we spend our whole lives sitting in the discomfort of our comfort zones being victims of our environment – both human environment and  natural environment – and living the challenge of life itself, the life that entices us to invest in more and more external stressors in order to avoid taking ownership for our feelings and emotions.

If we chose to invest in ourselves, we’d be empowered, we’d be able to manage our fear and we’d save ourselves a fortune.

I also really like the point about wearing too many clothes. Our clothes stop us from feeling cold. Yet what I started to learn last week, as I opened my own mind up to its power, is that our mind can stop us from feeling cold. So can our breath. Yet our clothes don’t just keep us disconnected from the elements; they keep us disconnected from our physical bodies. We hardly allow our own naturalness the light of day. It is my dream to live so isolated from our current version of humanity that I can walk outside my door naked without being scorned, arrested or sectioned. We usually don’t like or respect much this body that’s carrying us around, protecting us, looking after us, keeping us alive. I know I certainly haven’t had a healthy relationship with my body for most of my life. But if, like Wim says above, by hiding from natural stressors we disconnect from ourselves, would it not be true then that by practising being in the cold, the wet, the natural elements of our true surroundings, using the significant power of our mind, and breathing with consciousness, we would likely be stronger, warmer, far more tenacious, and steeped in the strength and power of our true selves?

What are natural stressors? Well, in my mind they’re in our weather types and patterns, they’re in certain terrains and temperatures, they’re in the natural habitat of mother earth’s beautiful fauna.  But we don’t just disconnect from ourselves and our natural world; we actually pursue the unnatural and often debilitating stressors of our every day human existence.

We would probably like our bodies better too, if we allowed ourselves to see them and touch them from time to time. Our bodies are the clothing of our inner workings! We care for garments that cover our naturalness, but we often don’t care much for the garment that’s the most important garment of all. We and our bodies could actually be living this life together, instead of completely separate and divided, the way we are now.

As a human race, at least us in the western cultures, we are physically, emotionally and spiritually disconnected. Some would say we are quickly becoming more mentally disconnected too, but in my view mental health issues are created from emotional disconnection, years of oppression and conditioning, and life’s traumas, so as soon as we choose personal responsibility over victimhood, and assert our own power instead of being caught up in the constriction and control of our external world, we’re going to create connection and wow … the world will turn.

Turning the world

Turning the world around, means nothing other than looking inside. Accepting and truly taking ownership of your journey through life, nobody else’s, and choosing to embrace what that actually means in terms of shifting consciousness, aligning with your own energetic potential, and stepping into your own personal power and sovereignty.

Choose to connect with people who encourage you, who empower you, who accept you just the way you are, without judgement. People who meet you exactly where you’re at, and who aren’t threatened by your assertiveness to unfold into all of your potential. People who don’t discourage you or put you down, and don’t expect anything of you other than your commitment to yourself and your surrender to your truth within.

This month’s offer

I have spaces available for you to start to unfold into the wholeness of your being. They are almost half-price until the end of July. Three 1:1 sessions for £150. Illuminate within. When you follow your own inner compass, you illuminate your world.

If you feel drawn to get in touch, and you know you’ve got some hugeness waiting to get out, book a free 30-minute connection call here.

Know you are everything.  

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