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Voice of Connection – Creating community

28th July 2022

There’s a lot of talk about people creating communities, and it’s where we’re going as we all start to realise that those who ‘run’ our countries really, truly, aren’t in the slightest bit interested in our health, well-being, or livelihoods. As we step away from the trust we have given our authorities – who, let’s face it, blatantly treat us like criminals – so we will step into personal ownership, sustaining ourselves, and keeping ourselves healthy instead of not just allowing, but relying on external forces to ‘look after us’.

However, until we go inside and deal with our emotional trauma and all these feelings we didn’t feel in the past, we are going to bring that suppressed trauma to our communities. Until we become more conscious and aware of ourselves as individuals and what (and how) we are contributing to our environment, we are going to bring old patterns and behaviours to those communities.

This is why I’ve created ‘Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out‘. It’s far more than a place where people can connect with each other; in fact, it’s first and foremost a place were people can come and connect with THEMSELVES. When we connect within, shift our old programming, and become more of who were were born to be, we will then bring that HEALTHY connection to our communities.

Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out‘ is a space where you can grow from opportunities and events I will be offering, where you can practise what it’s like to create a world system of goodwill, of trust, of empowerment, of personal and shared responsibility, of personal integrity, of acceptance, authenticity and faith, and where you can unfold into the fullest essence of your being.

We need to learn to move out of distrust, control, and judgement of each other. We need to learn how to dismantle our patterns of expectation, co-dependency, and projecting our opinions onto other people. We need to learn how to create a world without division and competition, without double standards and hypocrisy, without saying one thing and doing or meaning another.

If you’re ready to be a part of the inspiration of the future, and lead the way to a new humanity by looking within, and growing exponentially as part of a greater unity of like-minded, actively-conscious people, then come and join us.


Join ‘Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out

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