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Contemplating spirituality

10th May 2021

What does the word ‘spiritual’ mean to you? Do you consider yourself to be ‘spiritual’? Or maybe you use another word? Awakened? Enlightened? What makes you any or all of these things? Or not?

I’ve been contemplating what spirituality means to me today. It’s a word that gets bandied around pretty freely these days, and can be a source of some pretty ‘non-spiritual’ behaviours. But I’m going to use it as the subject of this week’s Voice, and see where this goes …

Up till now, I’ve probably thought of myself as ‘pursuing’ spirituality, a bit like it was a goal or something. An endeavour. Something to reach in the future. Yet the more I grow, the more I evolve into the person I was born to be, the more I feel it’s what we already are. That spirituality isn’t something you strive for. It’s not an endeavour. It’s the way we choose to live. That spirituality is actually us. It is our soul. It is all of who we are when we let go of all of who we are not. It’s the patient and compassionate unfolding of our truest selves as we allow those selves to experiment with different feelings, different emotions, different experiences, different people, different systems, freedoms, structures, beliefs, conversations … different ways of living life.

It is all of who we are when we let go of all of who we are not.

For me, it’s no longer a ‘place’. There is no ‘destination spirituality’. There is no ‘end’, no ticket to get there, no final arrival point. It’s not even really a journey, though we talk about being on our spiritual or awakening journeys. Isn’t life itself the journey? And some of us, during that journey, choose to allow the unfolding of our ‘spirituality’, which is, quite simply, the honouring of our inner power, our inner guidance system, our truth, our freedom, our enlightenment, our own personal sovereignty. The honouring of all that we are as truly authentic beings.

As we honour our authenticity, could it be we are dropping our root systems into our spirituality? Are we not, after all, a part of nature? Are we not a part of all that is?

Or, is spirituality who we are as a collective? Is it who we are as individuals uniting within that collective? Is it finding out who we actually are as individuals in the first place, before we can even hope to productively unite as part of an authentic collective?

I think it is all of that.

It is the burgeoning of ourselves as the pillars of power and freedom we always have been.

I think it is the blossoming of our open hearts, the acceptance of each other, the burgeoning of ourselves as the pillars of power and freedom we always have been.

I think it is coming together, through thick and thin, without constraints, without discrimination, without condemnation. It is the coming together of you, me, and everybody else, without divide, without conflict, without scorn. It is lifting ourselves up: me lifting you, you lifting me, in perfect balance, always connected as we ebb and flow through the trials and celebrations, always respectful as we learn to live the truth of our own style, our own innocence, our true divine will.

I think it is believing in ourselves, believing in each other, finding harmony in empowering, encouraging, singing each other’s song and listening as it’s sung back to us.

I think it is accepting all of us – ALL of us. All of everybody and all of ourselves. I think it is about trust, allowance, patience and surrender. About pleasure in the moment, just here, right now. About loving, opening the door to love ourselves, because the love of others can’t get in if there’s a barrier preventing us from loving ourselves.

For me, spirituality is about recreating all of me because when I have unfolded and unravelled back into the fullness of all that is me, I will be presenting in the most perfect and authentic way to be serving the rest of humanity – without effort, without force, without resistance, without fear.

So I think spirituality is simplicity. It is ease, flow, fluidity and allowing.

It is us, it is ours, it is the simple and perfect truth of our soul.

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