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Connection to what exactly?

21st June 2021

I was thinking about this week’s Voice of Connection, and I sensed the question: Connection to what exactly? So, here we go, I’m running with that.

Let’s start with what connection actually means. If we’re pottering away, living our lives, paying attention to the every day, happy enough in the averageness of our existence, accepting of whatever feelings our mind creates in our body, not ever really questioning anything, not ourselves, not our information sources, nothing really, and doing what our external influencers tell us to do, our schools, our friends, our media, our doctors, our governments … if we’re living our lives, following the norms, doing what we ‘should’ be doing, then that would render us connected, wouldn’t it?

It really depends on your own perception of connection and disconnection, and what you want to be connected to, I guess. When I talk of connection and disconnection, it’s with and from ourselves and our natural environment. We are born fully connected within, but we quickly learn to disconnect from ourselves. When I speak of disconnection from ourselves, I mean disconnection from our soul. From our source within. Our intuition. Our inner guidance. Our gut feelings.

Our gut feelings. There it is. Our innermost emotional guidance system. Our inner knowing. The guidance system that shows us the way, helps us to keep our energy flowing, and is our friend. The guidance system that loves us and speaks to us constantly but that we learned it was better to ignore as we were conditioned to become acceptable human beings.

By the time we were 7 years old, we had disconnected from our inner truth, our inner power, our personal sovereignty.

Throughout our babyhood and our toddlerhood, completely incapable of knowing or understanding our own power, or being able to stand in it, but with our inner knowing and gut feeling guidance system completely intact, we were taught to ignore that guidance. We were told not to cry when we needed to cry, told to behave when we needed to process a few moments of anger, banished and forsaken in some way when we didn’t conform with the mould.

And so we disconnected. By the time we were 7 years old, we had disconnected wholly and almost completely from our inner truth, our inner power, our personal sovereignty.

We disconnected from ourselves, and as we did so we got lost. We lived through confusion and chaos as we gradually forgot who we were. My first memory is of a time just before I was 2 years old. At that age you’re just lapping up life, learning the ropes, observing and mirroring what it means to be accepted and how to get by in this world. By the time I was 2 I was well into being taught, conditioned and moulded into the limited, inadequate, self conscious, out-of-love-with-myself being I was to become. I was well down the track of being programmed into what to believe, what to think, what to say and how to behave.

This wasn’t my mum and dad’s fault by the way. The same happened to them, and to my grandparents, and to theirs, and to all the lineages before that. This thing’s been going on for eons.

Recharging to create a better future!

The beautiful thing is, we now know what’s been going on. And many of us are cleansing, renewing, healing energy blocks of lifetimes, and recharging to create a better future. And as we break free of the chains of our past, we start to connect again. We realise we have so much potential stored inside us. We realise the limitations, all energetic, that have been passed down the ages. We realise we are are carrying a lot of them. All of us. Me, you, and everybody else. And as we clear them, the imprints from past lives and this life, layer by layer, we free ourselves up. We stretch. We rise. We re-connect.

When we are connected to our external world, our external world rules us. We allow it to. This has never been clearer or more obvious than it is now. Connection outside usually means disconnection inside. It’s as simple as that. Connection outside means unconscious and fear-based living. Connection within means conscious awareness, and standing in the freedom of our own power and innermost truth. Connection within means dancing our own dance, singing our own song, telling our own story, and living our own truth. Connection within means stepping out of fear-based living, questioning things and making up our own mind, becoming aware, staying detached and objective, and walking our own path.

Connection within means shedding a lifetime of conformity and externally-guided limitations, stepping out of our smallness and our hiding, and living the truest essence of the abundant souls we were born here to be.

Rise and rebirth into unified individuals.

We are not here to be eaten up by the system and by each other. We are here to rise and rebirth into the unified individuals that we really are. And when we connect within, the disconnected world we are living in takes on a whole new perspective because, at long last, through our reconnection within, we disconnect from the disconnect.

We truly need you connected, so when you’re ready to turn the table and step into your light, please know there’s a space here to chat. tree2-4700352_1920


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