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25th July 2022

After a few months of what feels to me like missing in action, I’m coming back into alignment and as I do so I can feel my heart opening in new ways and my light expanding wider, higher, and deeper and becoming brighter than it ever has been. It’s been a journey of self discovery and revelation which I’ve (mostly) surrendered to, and which has shown me some dirt, which I’ve acknowledged, owned and let go of, but which has also shown me more subtle, deeper, beautiful parts of myself than I’ve ever seen before. Possibly also for the first time ever, I choose to own them too.

This journey we call life doesn’t come without its challenges … its dark and light, its ups and downs, its topsys and its turvys. It’s what we do with these challenges – how we use them, grow from them, own them instead of allowing ourselves to become victim to them – that helps us to grow, to rise, to unfold into more of our higher frequency potential and create conscious living from unconscious existing.

I’ve created a Facebook group called Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out. We can connect back to ourselves by ourselves. But we can connect back to ourselves exponentially with the right communion of people around us.

Join ‘Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out

I’m opening the group freely to subscribers and FB friends until the end of the month. After that I’ll switch on the question facility before I accept new members.

Anybody not on Facebook or not interested in joining, but wishing to stay connected and participate in your own growth and evolution, keep watching this space, as I’ll share any events or opportunities here through the Voice of Connection too. Also know you can book a half-hour connection call with me if you feel I can help you in some way or you simply feel guided to connect.

Let’s do this. Let’s grow together, and learn to honour each other as we learn to honour ourselves.

Lesley ♥

Book a half-hour connection call

Join ‘Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out


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