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Coming into your own resonance

20th December 2021

When you were born, you were born whole. You were everything, and you had everything you needed inside you to survive, to thrive in all your exquisiteness, to prosper as YOU, in this world.

You still are everything, and you still do have everything you need.

The thing is, we were conditioned to become shrinking violets, or spikey gorse, or both, depending on how the suppression of our unique energy flow responded to us being told, incessantly, that we had to be a certain way. We grew up as shadows of our full selves, moulded to be as like one another as possible. Plied to be as run-of-the-mill as our external controllers could make us. Taught to compare ourselves with each other and always come out below par. We were still whole, but gradually we learned to hold so much of that wholeness inside, because we feared what people would think of us. And we did it for so long that we forgot we even had that inner brilliance. We grew less empowered, more arrogant, less willing to step out and do what we wanted to do, more aggressive, less willing to try things, more bolshy, less ready to speak what we believed, more forceful and brash. We grew up out of alignment. We grew up out of balance with our whole.

But the ‘whole’ was still always intact.

Growing up conditioned, and suppressing our emotions, meant that instead of energy flowing through us, energy got ‘stuck’. Our emotions are meant to be felt, not hidden, and the more we hid them (because every time we showed them we were condemned in some way), the more we became ‘less’ us. We grew fearful, which meant we started to become quiet, or we acted out. Our egos led the way. We became arrogant, superficial, domineering, corrupt, selfish. We became victims, weak, indifferent, anxious, confused, doubtful. Limited.

Inside our gifts were all still in there. And they all still are  in there.

When inside, our gifts of strength, innovation, magnetism, determination, leadership … our gifts were all still in there. And they all still are  in there. We just need to start feeling  the feelings, and following our heart, our soul, our emotional guidance. That  is when you find your inner resonance.

As our world shifts, and the threats and coercion, the bullying and the manipulation, the division and the propaganda, continue to get stronger and stronger, you might feel your inner resonance calling to you in ways you’ve never noticed before. Maybe you’ve ignored it before. It’s that feeling that told you to go to the right, but you went to the left, and eventually realised you should always have gone to  the right. You are being called, right now, to stop ignoring that calling. You are being called, right now, to feel  what resonates with you – what is your  inner resonance – and to start to follow it, every day. What resonates with you takes you  in the right direction for you. 

Because now is the time to remember – this is about YOU. It’s no longer about anybody else. You’ve lived your whole life for other people, and their rules and expectations. Now it’s your turn.  It’s not about doing what you’re told. It’s not about being controlled by your external world. It’s not about being bullied, or manipulated, or told who you need to be or what you need to do. It’s about unfolding into all of the power and glory that is YOU in the fullness of your being. I can’t shout that loud enough. My insides are alight, I have butterflies all over as I write this. Now  is your  time. And you are not alone, believe me, you are not alone.

As our world shifts its consciousness – which is what’s happening right now – you are being called into your inner resonance. You are being called to feel  inside for what resonates for you. You are being drawn into your own power, to feel  what is right for you, to feel inside for your  truth. It is time for so many to start undoing all that conditioning, to start unlearning the learned, and to unfold, to grow, to reach high and rise up, like the delightful frond of a fern, into all of your being, all of your light, all of your vitality. You are being invited into your whole, and to experience all  of your life. No more blocks, no more barriers, no more limitation, just all you.

Close your eyes, shut out the noise, and feel … your power is right there inside.

Look at the image I chose for today. That’s all you have to do to start practising feeling into you. Shut your eyes. Close off the noise. And FEEL. Feel what feeling feels like. I can’t stress how important this is. Shut the noise out and feel inside yourself. Because inside yourself is exactly  where your power is.

I have been on the journey into my own potential. I’m still on it. It’s a work in progress. It is a life shift and it is a commitment. But it’s an easy commitment. It’s not a forced commitment. When you invest in yourself, and start unfolding into that whole, you will never  go back, you will only ever choose to keep going forward. You can’t  go back. Once you start to see yourself and feel yourself whole, you can’t ever go back. You just want more. It’s an incredible and amazing journey and it’s a feeling  journey. As you feel, you heal, and as you heal, you feel – but the feelings become feelings of freedom, of liberation, of joy, of delight, of utter amazement as you notice yourself doing and saying things that you would never have contemplated before, because fear continually got in the way.

Pathway to your Potential. For the first six weeks in January, if you are interested, I will take six people on an immersion into themselves. I will share with you the journey I have been on myself over the past two years, and I will set you up to continue on with that journey on your own once our six weeks are up.

If you’re interested, you can book a free half-hour connection call here. The immersion isn’t open to everybody. It’s important that we feel we can work together and that I feel you are committed to the feeling journey and investment into YOU.

YOU are your own resonance, and all you have to be  is strong in your own resonance. After that, you can handle anything.

Pathway to your Potential starts Monday 3 Jan 2022. Click here for more information.



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