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Closing this cycle of commitment

2nd May 2022

At the start of 2021, I committed to writing a blog post every Monday. I called it Voice of Connection. It would become about connecting — with you, with each other, but most of all within. Connecting back with ourselves.

I have posted that blog post every single Monday since Monday 4 January 2021.

In that time I have grown more connected within MYself, and when I was contemplating this morning about what to write today, I received the message from within that it was time to move on from this cycle of commitment and allow it to continue, evolve, into whatever it’s meant to be next.

The frequency of commitment is about commitment to yourself. It’s about commiting to things that are in alignment with your current energetic vibration, things that feel right, things that will bring your next level of growth.

It’s also about letting go of the choke and perplexity of external commitments that no longer attune with you, in honour of yourself and your own progress and evolution. Commitment doesn’t mean keeping doing something for ever and ever if it no longer feels right, or if it takes you out of alignment. Of course, we have commitments to each other — to our spouses, our family, our friends. But that commitment must still come first and foremost to and from yourself, without the weight of expectation or the low frequency of co-dependence, and with healthy boundaries, otherwise you won’t have energy to serve in your commitment to your others.

Commitment is to yourself, first, not to anything outside of you. There shouldn’t be an energetic ‘cost’ to commitment. Then it becomes the lower frequency consciousness of half heartedness, which manifests as unreliability or over-commitment, and illness or exhaustion. Cycles of commitment have endings.

True commitment is to the life force within.

True commitment becomes about trust. It becomes about YOU. It is about surrendering to the will of universal energy — which is within you because we all are connected, we all are consciousness, we all are universal energy — and of life itself. It opens into a deep connection to the direction of the life force within.

And that has been my journey. To connect more deeply than I ever have to the life force within my being, and committing to following THAT. Committing to honouring my very own Voice of Connection.

I’m not sure where this is going to go now, maybe a monthly connection. I’m more active on Facebook if you want to check in over there, and if you’re interested in Activating Humanity and what that’s about, send me a message.

If you’re just interested in chatting, seeking clarity on anything I share, or you simply feel drawn to connect, then also send me a message.  That’s how this works. Allowing yourself to follow the feelings, the pointers, to surrender to your inner guidance.

Huge thanks to those of you who have followed these ponderings practically every Monday for a year and a half. My gratitude runs deep. Sincerely, thank you.

Connect here any time.

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