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Activating the whole of you

2nd August 2021

The start of the month is a great time to take stock and create some intentions for the month ahead. I’ve jotted down a general summary of where I’m at and what’s going on in my life, and created a few intentions for the month, and I’m looking forward to checking in with how I’m evolving come the 31st.

My intentions aren’t goals. They’re not a mind-created list of what I ‘need’ to do this month; they’re an emotionally-guided vision of how I intend to feel and create throughout August. They’re a way of being, not a list of doing.

When we use force, and ‘try’ to make things happen that our head tells that we need to do (and that don’t always seem to work out for us), there’s a message for us in there. Are we following our inner guidance, or are we pushing  things to happen for externally-associated reasons, reasons that aren’t from our heart. Is it time to step back and just stop for a bit. Breathe. Look at what’s going on. Feel into where we really want  to be putting our energy. We’re creating a new conscious world of ease and flow, and although, right now especially, that doesn’t mean that things are easy, it does mean that internally we are following the ease of our own inner guidance system.

Are you owning all of you?

We are all doing this life to the best of our ability, and we are all where we’re at for a reason. Hold on, rise high and allow whatever’s for you to find you. And then notice it. Notice what you’re attracting. Observe what’s going on in your life. Feel your feelings. Are you owning all of you?

When you really start to notice what’s coming your way, then you can re-adjust your awareness to intend, visualise and create what you want  to come your way.

Life is a conscious journey, but most of us aren’t using our self awareness to listen to, or be guided to, what’s right for us. When we’re not living consciously, we’re usually living out of alignment with our innermost strength and power.

This journey is about you, nobody else. If, at times, you find yourself focusing on or consumed by others, or what others want of you, stop and look at what they’re reflecting back to you about yourself. You may like that part of you or you may not. The beautiful irony of this reflection is that when you consciously open your heart and mind, and objectively accept that what you’re seeing and experiencing is showing you YOU, you can detach from what you believe the other is ‘doing’ to you and actively choose to look at what’s going on inside.

There is SO much more of you!

I wish I’d realised all this years ago. But it comes when it’s right for you. When you make your life about you, and not about what’s going on outside or around you, you start to fuel your own inner flame. You start to acknowledge your own wounds and trauma and conditioning, and your heart opens up. You start to let go of all of the suppressed emotions that are holding you back, and you realise there is SO much more of you!

And when your heart opens up you naturally want to serve and give  to the people of humanity rather than judge and condemn them if they’re not doing it your way.

This is where we’re all connected. Energetically, we are ALL connected. The whole universe is energy so we can’t not  be connected. Individually, we are really at the starting line of our own personal evolutions. The flag has been waved and we’re just taking off. It must  become about us because only then can we find our way to realising and standing in our own integrity, and only then  can we really truly give of our higher frequency authentic selves to the greater good.

Activate the full potential in your DNA!

If you want to talk about any of this, or any of the topics I write about, you can connect here any time. And if you’d like a free connection call to discuss how you might start to embrace that whole of you, you can book in here.


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