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Activate your inner potential in 31 days

18th April 2022

Since Thursday (interestingly, this being Easter), the theme of death has been in my awareness. Have I been feeling death? Not personally. Have I been contemplating death in relation to people, to humanity? Yes. Absolutely, 100 percent. Have I felt a fear of death for the first time that I can remember?

For a minute, I thought so.

But what I realised on Sunday morning was that the fear I thought was about death, was actually a fear of atrocity. A fear of manslaughter. A fear of my loved ones, and individuals all over the world, dying as a result of the toxicity, the corruption, and the fear-cloaked-in-care-and-concern that are the steady stream of our every day. How much more can people take before they break down into complete psychosis. How much more can we sink into victimhood and being controlled before we rise into our freedom. How much longer till people realise this is all about becoming all of them, and nothing to do with the external.

Our powers that be, our media outlets, our ‘health care’ systems, our schools, our religious institutions … we have been led up the garden path for years and years, slowly festering away at the hands of everything outside of us. In my small family alone we’ve had strokes, cancers, Parkinson’s, dementia, anxiety and depression. ALL products of inflammation and the misguidance of our western world.

We can end this trauma!

Are chemtrails real? You decide. Are 5G towers really safe? You decide.

Our environment is contaminated.

Our food is contaminated.

Our water is contaminated.

Our brains are contaminated.

Our bodies are contaminated.

Beyond all of that, we label those who are not like us. We condemn those who do not do things our way. We judge those with different belief patterns, because we believe what we’re told to believe by the people who want us divided, and we do what we’re told to do by the people who want to control us. All the while keeping the attention away from ourselves, and leaving responsibility and blame for our health and wellbeing to the destructive system that’s literally killing us.

Our world, our lives, our human existence is one great big trauma. It has been for centuries. Eons. So great has been our trauma that we literally can’t see that we’re in it, never mind see anything beyond it. And so we normalise every atrocity, every manipulation, every single irrationality, to make it more palatable to our narrow, limiting minds. And in so doing, we disconnect more and more, hide deeper and deeper, and run further and further away from ourselves.

We put our trust in everything and everybody but ourselves. And now we’re being gobbled alive.

But we CAN end this trauma, and we can do it together.

We can even have fun while we’re doing it!

Get activated!

All is not lost! Not by a long way. We are here, creating, building, preparing for you so that when you’re ready to honour YOU, to open to the inspiration and empowerment that is all of you, you have a space to come to and a starting point to do so.

In May, I’m facilitating ‘Activate your Inner Potential‘. This is 31 days for 31 people to receive 31 activations (tips, guidance, suggestions, opportunities, and more) for only £31! Even if you only commit to one or two of the 31 gems I offer you, you’re onto a winner!!

The only way we’re going to change the frequency of our planet is by every single one of us looking inside and taking back ownership of our lives. And this is the perfect place to start. Gently, and together.

Find out more here and book in here.

*** Only £31, to invest in and commit to YOU, for one whole month! ***

Message me today and get ready to activate your inner potential.

1 May to 31 May 2022

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