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It's time to connect with the ONLY person who can guide you in the right direction ...

26th August 2022

… and that’s YOU.

Give yourself the gift of investing in and committing to YOU by joining me for the whole of September in my first 30-day Connection Classic – 30 days of different ways to connect with your soul. You will receive a tip, suggestion, offering every day. You can attend in your own time.

The event will start a few days before 1 September 2022, as long as you have registered and paid by Sunday 28 August 2022. You can join up until Thursday 1 September, but you’ll miss the first couple of days.

Register here!

This is a bargain. £30 for 30 days of different ways to connect within. £30 for 30 days of different ways to serve YOU. I will be facilitating the Classic through a specially-created Facebook group. I will post or do a very short video every day so your time commitment there will be small. However, to grow from the experience, your commitment to YOU to practise what I offer is up to you.

I’m sorry to those who aren’t on Facebook; for the time being, it still has the biggest potential audience. To anyone local, I’d really like to get a sense of who reads these messages and who is interested because in time I want to be offering local events and opportunities. So please drop me a line if you’re reading this and are interested in future ‘in person’ workshops and events.

Here’s the link for more information about the September Connection Classic. Give yourself the gift of inner connection. And complement your inner connection by joining a group of others who are doing the same thing. Connection within is uniquely enhanced when you are surrounded by your people.

Register for the Connection Classic here.

Come and join us at

Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out

Note: This is my Facebook group. I launched it in July 2022. It is not the Connection Classic group. If you’d like to participate with us in the Classic, I’ll invite you into the group for that once I’ve received payment. 

It would be really lovely to see some of you!
Love from Lesley ♥

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