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The beauty of being human ...

17th May 2021

… is that we feel. That we can touch. That we can relish in the blissful ecstasy of a light-fingered caress, the stroke of an arm, a tantric playfulness.

The beauty of being human is that we have feelings, guiding our way and showing us what lights us up.

And a little bit of well-intended, authentic human connection can go a long way. The gentle wiping away of a tear, the squeeze of an arm, a shoulder at times when we need a shoulder. The rub of tired feet, a heavenly kiss on the forehead, fingers tickling our head through our hair. A true, genuine, deeply blessing hug.

But we are a nation, a world, neutralised from our senses and living in abject fear of a government agenda.

The deep healing and energising power of touch is precisely what the bureaucrats have been playing with. They know  how we’d all be if we lived for ourselves, our own agendas, and our love for each other. But because we are a disconnected population, and had forgotten the power of love and touch even before covid, it’s taken no effort whatsoever on their part to create deeper disconnect and division at every level, but especially within.

The lack of love, and suppression and denial of feelings, through centuries of ancestral lineages has prepared us for this time; a time when, on a government instruction, we all obediently stop touching each other. They know  about the power of touch. They know  love builds immunity. In our blanket obedience, we now avoid each other more than we ever did.

Never has a world needed held more than this one does now.

Can we get the love back? Can we bring love back into living? Can we create higher vibrations in our every day? Let’s choose to step out of the intense suck of fear and rise into our personal power. Touch is beautiful. Touch is intimate. Touch is everything  we need right now. Walk arm in arm, spend time in a delicious hug, just sit together and  hold  someone. Never has a world  needed held more than this one does now.

Touch can bring deep peace, it can devour stress in an instant. Touch can be the most beautiful, honourable, deeply relaxing way of coming back into yourself. Touch fuels our sacral chakra. It fuels our relationships, our potential for pleasure. The tiniest most delicate touch can take the power from your limbs. It can take your mind away from everything. Feel. Even just through these words, feel the power of touch. It’s natural. It’s free. And like everything else that’s natural and free, our toxic, self-serving system of government has tried to take it away from us. And has been concerningly successful.

Touch is meaningful. It’s also very simple, powerful and effective. It shows us how tied up in knots of stress we are, highlights the profound fear that has become our reality, and reveals our disconnection and distance from our deeper truth.

Those knots can be removed. It’s just a case of choosing to remove them.

And asking for help if you need it.

Here to chat, any time.

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