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Working out how to do it together

26th April 2021

In the spirit of  creating reconnection, this week I’m going to talk about synarchy.

‘Harmonious rule’, ‘joint governance’, ‘shared responsibility’ … I’ve seen it described as all of that, and more.

I quite like the simple, straight-forward – doing it together.

‘Together’ isn’t really a behaviour we do very well in our western culture, where we’ve been brought up that life is ‘all about me’, and how ‘I’ feel about something, as opposed to considering the voice of the collective, and how we can increase the frequency of our arrogance energy and transmute it into something far more beautiful and giving. ‘Together’ isn’t something that’s encouraged in our hierarchical work environments, where the top-down control and personal agendas rule the day.

Together isn’t something that any longer comes naturally to us in the western world. We have had it squeezed out of us so perfectly that we can’t even begin to relate to communities who do live in harmony and togetherness. So we deride the countries and cultures who live like that, and view them as inferior.

The future is about community though. If we can’t come back together as a race, and start empowering each other, encouraging each other, sharing our strengths, our knowledge, our experience, our food, our money, our time, our compassion … our love! … we really have reached our use-by date as human beings.

I am an active ‘synarchist’ with a grassroots synarchy called the Soul Embodied Sanctuary. Through conscious awareness and with commitment and grace we are creating what is, effectively, the opposite of the vertical hierarchical structure inherent in the global low-vibe dysfunctional systems we know.

Hierarchy is not a bad word, in and of itself. Much of nature operates in a hierarchy. It’s what we’ve done with it that makes the difference. We’ve grown up in, and been conditioned to accept, hierarchy in its low vibrational form. Our third-dimensional world has taught us that those at the top are superior than those at the bottom and that money rules the world.

Enter our brave new higher vibrational fifth dimension future where people actually work together, where there is no superiority, there is no competition, there is no greed, no agendas, no egos running the show. The synarchy is a level playing field, a community network where all are empowered to live and create at their highest expression. The synarchy encourages all individuals into their fullest potential and holds space with honour, love and truth. Its greatest intent is that individuals take personal responsibility and live true to their own authority while respecting each other and sharing connection.

“Rather than being guided from above, this new kind of business is allowed to discover its own self-organising intelligence.”

~ The Gene Keys, Richard Rudd

The synarchy is the way forward, as we watch the global constructs breaking down and people awakening to the realisation that we can live this life better, and create a world of abundance for our future families.

Everything I do right now, all the ways in which I serve humanity, are paving the way for new. For better, for different, for easier, for nicer. We are creating a unified world by practising what we preach and creating unified individuals. It’s not easy. We were all born into ‘individualism’ too. However great our intent for peaceful operating, we are human, working our way to true and genuine togetherness takes commitment and honesty.  Commitment and honesty to ourselves. Yet as we learn trust, honour, grace, sharing, honesty, truth and mutual enrichment of our souls, as we learn the subtleties of togetherness, we are expanding into the fullness of our beings – and that’s where our future lies. As Phil Good says …

… you cannot create a unified humanity unless you have a unified individual.

My role here is to show individuals the way to their innermost potential, and guide conscious organisations who recognise the need for both individual and group empowerment to create that synarchy arrangement in their business. The flow of information and creativity is more effective through a horizontal or spiral system than it is through a hierarchy. Synarchy therefore operates at a far higher frequency than a hierarchy.

In the Soul Embodied Sanctuary, we are a living breathing synarchy, leading by example, and holding space for leaders, influencers, and unified individuals so that they can hold space and provide guidance for others ready to step into their own true inner leadership potential. Because that’s what synarchy is about – a community of empowered individuals empowering each other to live and be the highest expression of themselves.

Please contact me here if you are:

  • An individual looking for guidance and inspiration into your highest vibrational potential.
  • A conscious organisation or grassroots movement looking for support in helping others into their highest vibrational potential.
  • A community organiser looking to create a community of unified individuals.

You cannot have a unified humanity unless you have a unified individual. The reason for this is because 99% of the time, when people create community and they themselves haven’t integrated their shadow, the community is formed from a place of lack and the need to fill a void. Thus, the creation isn’t built on stable legs.

First, you need individuals who are fully aware of themselves, individuals who have attained/reclaimed their personal sovereignty, and then they can join forces with others – which produces symbiosis over co-dependency. It has to happen in this order in the physical plane, because that’s how our higher selves chose to play. You become a creator first, then join with the other creators. This holds a much higher resonance than ‘semi-creators’ coming together through the frequency of lack.

                                                                                                      ~ Phil Good ~

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