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Five Ways to Connect Within

5th April 2021

I googled Easter Monday, just out of curiosity, in case there was something I’d missed about it over the years. Seems I was on track though, as it was confirmed to be ‘the day after the resurrection of Jesus Christ’, a Christian observance acknowledged by England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but not by Scotland. But, hey, not to be left out, I noticed a few lines down that we have our own observance here in Scotland. One of our notable tabloids shouts that to “start our Easter Monday off right, McDonald’s is offering Breakfast Rolls for £1.99 …”

The more I observe disconnection, the more I realise how disconnected we are. So today I’m going to talk about five specific ways you can connect back in with yourself. The more connected you are within, the stronger you are in your power to be guided by your own truth – AND the louder and more readily you can hear it.

Each one of the following options is about aligning with your own unique energy. They are all entirely different and they will all help you. Allow yourself to feel which ones you resonate with. You’ll feel your inner guidance first. It comes very quickly. Start to notice when your mind kicks in to talk you out of what draws you in. Notice how your mind talks you out of things, or makes excuses for you not to follow your heart and soul. As we break down the walls of third-dimensional consciousness, we are stepping forward into a new era where we will be guided by our emotions instead of our minds. What better time to start practising that, than right now, immediately. Here we go. My current top five.

Get to know your Human Design and your Gene Keys

These two systems uniquely guide you to align with your cellular energy, your DNA. Your DNA acts and reacts according to the programming you send it through your thoughts, actions, behaviours, beliefs and words. I’m running a one-hour introductory session on Wednesday 14 April 2021 at 6pm UK time. Come along and take the first steps into finding your true essence and unique energetic alignment. From creating and downloading your profiles, to the basics of what each one is telling you and guidance on which parts to focus on first, you will leave empowered, energised and wanting to know more. Get a taste of what it really means to expand into your highest potential. And if you don’t want to come to this session, I seriously still recommend you look into your Human Design and Gene Keys, as they will show you you in a way no-one ever has before.

Register by emailing Lesley MacCulloch at and transferring £7 (or $10US) to PayPal. All who register will receive a recording of the call.

Join our Soul Embodied Living Community

The Living Community is a new free online community of conscious individuals connecting to create unity, transcend third-dimensional programming, meet and ascend with like-minded soul brothers and sisters, and elevate the frequency of humanity. It is a space where all members are encouraged to reach their highest potential of actualisation, feel empowered in their life as a unique human being, and embrace the truth that is deep within.  There are many ways to participate in our growing number of opportunities and guidance, study groups, meditations, coaching and lots more.

“When we have unified individuals, we can create unified humanity.” ~Phil Good  

Consider getting yourself a Healy frequency device

You can harmonise your bioenergetic field every single day in a multitude of different ways with one of these. This little device helps you to activate and improve the flow of your energy, and increase your vitality. Their range offers meridian flow, chakra balancing, aura analyses, mental health programmes, programmes for your organs, Bach Flower Remedy frequencies and Healy Protection programmes that include programmes for electrosmog, stress, geopathic disturbances, negative influences and bio-energetic breakdowns. Take some time to look into this, if it’s something that interests you, as they have excellent offers from time to time. Contact me if you’re interested in these. I use mine every day.

Join a counter culture or sacred economy

Counter cultures are basically ways of living that are out of the current limiting structure. Sacred economies like gifting circles and prosperity communities are growing by the day. People are fed up being ripped off and down trodden. They are taking back ownership and responsibility for themselves, and choosing new ways. It’s time to realise that we can live this life differently, that instead of remaining tied and chained to the limiting structures of the confining and conniving hierarchical systems, we can honour our hearts and souls and create heart-centred communities of abundance and giving. I am in a global gifting economy, a prosperity circle where we give and receive financial gifts. Nobody gets more or less than another. We all give and receive exactly the same. It’s like a gifting investment, and as you journey through the elements of fire, air, earth and water, you connect with other global souls, receiving the medicine of each element at each stage of your weaving journey, which allows you to connect deeper within. Want to know more?

Earth – the verb

Take your shoes off. Take your socks off. Put the soles of your feet on the grass, on the earth, in the river, on the sand, in the ocean, on a rock. Allow your soles to connect with your soul. Touch the ground with the palms of your hands. Connecting with mother nature in this way is recharging, healthy and connecting in a way we have all but forgotten.  The electrons in the earth transmit through your feet into your body, drawing out  positive ions that aren’t serving you, and recharging you with negative ions that do serve you. It’s really simple, that’s all I’m going to say. If it resonates, look into it – or just do it. You’ll feel it yourself. Earth is healthy.

  One more for luck. Awareness.

This should really be number ‘1’. Connecting within takes commitment, observation and constant awareness. If you’re just starting out on your spiritual journey, any one of the above, along with your awareness about what you’re feeling, what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, what’s going on at any one time, will help you. And even if you’ve been on your journey for a long time, most of the above will still help you, or at the very least serve as the reminder that we all have the power within.

Commit to you

Commit to patience

Focus on your level of self awareness

If you don’t think you can commit, or have patience, or can focus, you can, you have and you can, that’s just your mind repeating your old patterns [old programming] to you) which takes us right back up to number one, your Gene Keys.

*     *     *

Contact me any time. We’re on a journey back to global unity, we are crossing the bridge that has divided us. Connect back within, and you will connect with all. We are doing it together.

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