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1st January 2020

This year my word is truth. I can feel it rumbling away inside me, calling me to action. I need to help truth regain some traction in the world.

The truth is out there, all around us and deep inside us and we’re mostly not aware of it. It’s in the earth, it’s in our universe and it’s deeply rooted in our cells.

And the biggest truth in the world is that all that truth is energetically connected – the earth to the universe, the universe to us, us to the universe, us to the earth, all of it to each other. And it’s all alive and wanting to flow, if we in our world of untruths, blockages, greed and conformity, will let it.

Last year my word was rise. And rise I did, through an incredible amount of energy healing, which is why I now understand more of this truth.

Understanding the truth doesn’t make it any easier to live in this third dimensional world of chaos and corruption, where everything is corroded by fear, but it does give me more confidence to stand up in it and speak and share truths that aren’t shared in the mainstream. And the reason the mainstream doesn’t share them, is because it doesn’t want us to know them. The mainstream is a system, a convention, that tells us only what it wants us to hear, teaches us only what it wants us to know and does everything it can to keep us feeling threatened, disempowered, small, sick, limited and scared.

It does not care for you or about you.

So, after my year of ‘rising’ and grounding more into myself and this world than I ever have before, that’s what I’m going to be doing this year. Seeking more and more of the truth, and this time sharing it so that if you’re interested you can do your own research and make up your own mind. I’ll also be trying to stay confident and in my strength because I was brought up in that same system, the one that teaches you fear and to care way too much about what other people will think, and that can often still be the default emotion.

Let’s hear it for the truth! Let’s give truth a chance.

Wishing everybody an empowered and creative 2020.

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