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The opportunity of a new workplace is inside YOU

11th January 2019

I know a few of you who are starting new jobs this month.

At first it will be all hunky dory, everybody will be nice and the grass will be far greener than it was in your old job. Then gradually you’ll start to see everybody’s true colours, you’ll start to see below the surface and you’ll start to feel reality set in.

Instead of starting this new job the way you start all new jobs – like it’s going to be ‘different’ or ‘better’, with the attitude of ‘thank goodness you’ve got it, it’ll pay the bills so that will make everything okay’ (I’m all for hope but true hope from the heart in partnership with the creation of new thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and intentions, not just hope from the head in partnership with unfounded expectation) and continuing the cycle of sameness – WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, BE AND THINK DIFFERENTLY so that the same thing doesn’t just happen all over again, just in a different way with different people in a different environment.

How are you going to present as YOU?

No matter how much your job pays you, no matter how much stability you think it will bring you, no matter how much you think you need it – and let’s face it, you only need it to the extent that it keeps you in the lifestyle you’ve chosen which might not even actually be making you particularly happy – there’s a very high chance that you’re going to feel the dense energy once you start to settle in and take off your rose-coloured shades. Whatever your pay, wage, salary or income, IT DOESN’T MAKE A TOXIC WORKPLACE NOT TOXIC NOR DOES IT MAKE EVERYTHING OKAY.

SO. How are you preparing for this new start? What are you going to do to ensure this one really IS different and better? Because remember, it’s not about them, IT’S ABOUT YOU. Only YOU can change how you perceive your external world, only YOU can change how and what you think, only YOU can create change in your world. You’ve created this new job so now create what happens when you’re in there. How are you going to show them your truth? How do you intend that they will perceive their latest new colleague? Who are they going to get to know – the individual you’ve been up till now, or …

… YOU as you take this FANTASTIC opportunity to make new decisions, new choices, demonstrate new behaviours, present in your high energy vibration and choose to stand tall, singing your own song, living your own sunshine and being YOUR own light?

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