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Silence is golden

2nd June 2019

The thing about silence is, when you think you can create it externally, our human world usually makes sure that something is thrown in to upset our plans. Examples immediately start tripping over themselves to come into my mind:

  • I used to go to yoga in a beautiful studio in a shopping and eating arcade and throughout the class the arcade music bellowed, especially at Christmas time.
  • During a vision quest in the highlands of Scotland the four days of isolation in the countryside with sleeping bag and tarp for shelter were accompanied by the sound of tractors going back and forth moving haystacks from fields to farm.
  • I went on a long medicine walk, took myself up a local hill, away from it all, and up behind me on a bike comes the biggest chatterbox I’d met in a long time. The irony of that on my day of solo trekking and contemplation didn’t go un-noticed.
  • Yesterday, my friend at her complementary health care clinic had to give her energy healings over the midden of sound from a gala going on across the road in the local park.

You will RARELY be able to escape from man-made, human noise. So don’t waste time waiting for that day. Create peace, quiet and silence in your life right now. If you feel resistance to the thought of that, you probably need it even more than you realise.

Sometimes I’m at home doing a meditation or sound healing when a young boy (under 10) comes to the clearing across the back to play on his trail bike. TO PLAY ON HIS TRAIL BIKE. The noise is consuming – yet consciously you need to find a way to accept it and focus out, or else you become angry and miserable at something that is out with your control. A fine example of not being able to change your external, but being able to change your internal. Laugh, look up and thank the universe for the challenge and the personal development opportunity. Acknowledge it for all that it is – because it’s not that big a deal really, is it. A wee boy having a bit of fun on his bike. It’s the parents whose eyes I want to poke out … ha ha! Just jokes!!

When you rely on your external world to be silent for you, you’ll be disappointed. When you rely on yourself, and practise using the external sounds to help you to tune out from those same external sounds (yep, irony), you’ll gradually become more easily able to switch off from your external and tune in to your internal. Granted, the incessant and repeated call from the bird outside your window at 3.45am can be grating BUT think of the meaning in the sound. It’s not all about you (personal reminder!)

Silence IS golden, there’s no doubt about it. I couldn’t live without it. But it’s how you make it that counts. So make it internally, that way you’ll never be disappointed and you’ll be able to find it WHENEVER YOU WANT.

You could always start with a retreat

Let there be an opening into the quiet that lies beneath the chaos, where you find the peace you did not think possible and see what shimmers within the storm. – John O’Donohue

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