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Intentional communities

You might be a business owner, an innovator creating a new movement or a free individual looking for or creating a new community. The idea here is that you are conscious, and looking to create unity, people truly sharing, working together, taking personal responsibility. You are looking to create personal and group empowerment, and trust in and among your people.

This doesn’t just happen. You don’t just decide that you want  unity and trust, and find that in our current global reality. Intent is definitely a factor, but we are here to build a bridge from third dimensional ways of working, to fifth dimensional ways of being, and that bridge is finding a balance between the two. Intent is only part of the process. To successfully create community, we need to bring together people who are unified beings, people who are ‘individualised’, people who have done or are doing their shadow work and who are used to using biofeedback mechanisms to grow, and to give and receive feedback.

We call it ‘synarchy’ in the circles I work in now. You are creating ‘synarchy’, a nicely circular flowing structure that views everyone as equal and considers – indeed encourages – the best in everyone. We are no longer subscribing to the toxic and grossly limiting hierarchical structure where one rules and the others submit and passively follow their agenda, in fear of speaking out in case they lose their jobs and so their income and so their livelihoods. What a deeply-rooted system of fear we are used to living in and have accepted for so long.

You are not that. You are creating new. You are turning these patterns and accepted systems on their heads, and I embrace being invited to partner up with you for a little while to create new ways that will enrich, empower and elevate individuals into the strength of their – and your – unity and communion.

You are creating the way of the future, and I honour that and thank you.

If you’d like to discuss ways for us to work together, please get in touch.

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