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Own your responsibility

21st January 2019

A friend had posted something about the full blood moon and the eclipse yesterday and I noticed a comment saying ‘About what time approximately Heather?’

Now, this irritates me a little. No, it irritates me a LOT. This is completely lazy behaviour, taking zero responsibility, passively expecting Heather to do all the work and spoonfeed more information than she already had. It is so quick and easy for us to find out information nowadays that there was no need at all to bother Heather with that, or expect Heather to take time answering that question. She’d already offered service through the information she’d shared. It’s time we all started doing our own share of the information seeking. By the time the question had been asked and answered, the same question could have been asked and answered in a google search.

We need to take back our responsibility and stop relying on other people.

I urge everyone reading to remember that YOU are responsible, you have free will and you CAN find your own information. One of the chapters in my book Live Your Sunshine is called ‘Get curious’ and get curious we need to! We’ve been spoonfed what to believe, what to think, how to think – which often isn’t very much, you only have to look at a Haribo advert for proof of that – and how to behave, by teachers, parents, authorities, media, by so-called ‘superiors’, by doctors, by religious leaders, by government, by society … and never to question. We MUST start questioning. We MUST start looking for our own information. We MUST take responsibility for what we’re being told, for what we know and for what we believe. We’ve been conditioned our whole lives to NOT think for ourselves, and RESEARCH, QUESTION AND THINK FOR OURSELVES is what we MUST start doing, for our own good.

Love, light and blessings.

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