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Living WHOLE – in the essence of YOUR truth

19th November 2018

I often talk about living your truth and by this I mean living WHOLE, being in the WHOLENESS of your being. Over the years, and as we are brought up how to behave and what is ‘acceptable’, we are also told what to think and what to believe. We grow up believing that these are OUR beliefs, opinions and true thoughts.

That’s because we haven’t actually taken the time to challenge ourselves, to challenge information, to question what we hear, what we’re told – we don’t take the time to make up our own minds. Hence, we live according to who and what we’ve been told we are, how we’ve been told to behave and what we’ve been told to believe, rarely really questioning ‘why’ until life gets too painful and we feel bad enough within ourselves that we start to wonder if this is really all there is. Think ‘mid-life crisis’. People laugh, but this is a real thing. It’s when we wake up and realise that we’ve spend the last decades living our lives according to everybody else!

Yet now, today, more than EVER in our current lifetimes you don’t have to look far to get the spiritual support, the encouragement, the ‘someone on your side’ that you need to enable and empower you to step up and out and into your truth, into your wholeness, into the ESSENCE OF YOUR BEING.

So, are you going to spend the rest of your life living according to external influences – or according to the depth of your soul … ?

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