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Is your circle of friends and acquaintances healthy and serving YOU?

1st February 2019

Are you aware of the energies of the people you allow to be close to you? Do you protect yourself from the negativity and misery of others? Are you allowing the people you know to keep you small, limited, confined?

I suspect that if you answer truthfully, some of your answers will be ‘YES’! And that’s not wrong, it’s just not doing yourself any favours.

I just spent a fulfilling, soul-satisfying, nourishing afternoon with a small group of women, two of whom I already knew, three who were new to me, but all of whom I felt at ease with, able to be ME, accepted for who, what, where I am … we shared thoughts, opinions, stories, experiences, LOVE, and even though some of us weren’t convinced of some opinions, and others didn’t agree with the thoughts of others, we all loved, shared, connected, considered, discerned, respected and accepted each and every one of us for our viewpoints, our experiences, what’s brought us to where we’re at, to believing what we believe, indeed, what brought us together to meet this afternoon in the first place. And most of all, we left as friends, sisters, tightly-connected acquaintances, swapping numbers, wanting more, enriched, completely satisfied, full of gratitude at the experience we’d had and for the friends who had brought us together, and who we’d met.

There is SO much capacity out there for you if you can start to consider whether your circle, your network, your friends, your acquaintances are actually serving YOU, nourishing YOU, feeding YOU, encouraging YOU, and where you’re at right now and where you’re going spiritually and emotionally, even if you don’t quite know where that is!

Good, true friends, acquaintances and connections aren’t jealous … not at all, they are excited for you to meet people that work for YOU.

And so it should be!

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