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I’d like to ask for some assistance …

10th May 2017

“I would just like to ask for some assistance in where I take this now, and how I take it. I open myself to the guidance of my spirits, and all the angels and archangels, and I ask you to help me to bring chakra dancing, and sound, to the people of Scotland.”

The above is an excerpt of a little prayer I said, sitting among bluebells and birch trees, on my way to the final day of my chakra dancing course on the morning of 30 April 2017.

I often speak about the power of intention, having a positive belief system and being open to receive. But I sometimes overlook the importance of asking the universe for guidance and assistance. I’ve just had a friendly reminder about that. I’d already prepared the words below, about all these new doors opening, when I came across the recording I made that last morning, which reminded me that I’d asked for this help!

On completion of my course last week, and in preparation to run chakra dancing classes, I had a list of things I planned to do, which included:

  1. Finding venues
  2. Getting PVG (protection of vulnerable groups) clearance so I can run children’s groups
  3. Contacting Active Stirling, our local promoters of sport and activity, to discern interest in adding dancing classes to their projects

I hadn’t started doing any of this; indeed, I’ve only just received my diploma certificate of graduation, so was really just getting round to taking any action.

However, here’s how life can go when you follow your intuition (instead of your head), go with the flow and are open to receive.

Last Thursday I was talking to a local man who mentioned that our local community centre, the Ochil Centre, has been struggling a little bit. He was talking about what it had to offer – and as he was talking, a little bulb lit up in my mind.

I asked the man for the name of the person I should contact to see the centre and to potentially run my dancing classes. He gave me the lady’s name and number.

I contacted the lady on Saturday, and met her at the Ochil Centre on Monday.

Wow! And after a matter of minutes I knew, without any doubt, that everything about this here and now was meant to be. I was meant to have that conversation last Thursday and I was absolutely meant to be at this meeting.

  1. The hall itself is perfect for my needs.
  2. The arrangement for access, resources, and facilities provided, are also perfect.
  3. The lady I met was excited to hear a bit about chakra dancing and suggested many and varied ways we could work together to bring it to Stirling and to all ages across the local community. Further, she offered to help me to market, promote, spread the word – anWP_20170430_019d bring all her friends to my introductory class!
  4. She went on to say that she was really wanting to have children’s groups running through the summer holidays. I’d love to play a part in children growing up knowing and understanding their chakras hence my plan to obtain PVG clearance. Immediately, she gave me the name of the person I should contact for this, and she told me she had very close contacts in local schools and nurseries so children’s chakra dancing classes could definitely happen. And she has immediate links with elderly groups and young person rehab groups and wondered if I’d be interested running classes for any or both of these groups.
  5. AND, with no prompt from me, she suggested Active Stirling could be interested and has given me the name of the coordinator that I should contact to discuss getting involved there.

My butterflies were having a party!

Watch for evidence – little steps and events are the signs – that everything in your life is as it should be. These butterflies, these light-bulb moments, these messages from your intuition, are the messages you should be following every day. These butterflies are precisely why I decided to apply do a chakra dancing diploma in the first place.

If you’re open to what you can receive – and you’re paying attention to what’s being offered to you (often the signs are small and we miss them or ignore them) – opportunities will come your way, always. If it feels right inside, it usually is.

Thank you universe, my spirit guides, my intuition and my heart, as always, for leading me forward and showing me my way.

Have faith, trust and believe … and don’t forget to ask!

“This grounding earth, hold me strong, hold me still, hold me tall, and hold me in my power, true to me, true to my world, true to my everything, and help me to give loud and clear, far and wide, in a way that people love, understand, and embrace.” Lesley MacCulloch

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