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Welcome Part 2

1st September 2016

In August I went on a vision quest. It was amazing. Apart from the fact that it was one of the most magical, enriching, nourishing, peaceful and gentle experiences I have ever granted myself, my vision quest was a celebration of my life. It marked the finishing post, perhaps, of Part 1 and more importantly for me it marked the official opening of – my rebirth and rise into – Part 2.

For much of Part 1 of my life I was a very private person. I protected me and mine from those I deemed undeserving of knowing about us. I kept people at a distance and I kept even the tiniest news ‘confidential’. I was choosy about who I shared anything with and even then quite particular about what it was I shared. If I shared any of me with you then I held you in high esteem. I know why I became conditioned to this behaviour during my late twenties, early thirties, and I embrace Part 2 of my life as a time of opening up, of being true to me, trusting myself and giving of myself and my experiences to others.

In Part 1 I spent a lot of time learning, reading, observing, analysing, reflecting, changing and most of all growing from every single experience I ever had, good and bad, positive and negative, easy and difficult, happy and sad. From every good, positive, easy and happy experience I took note to find more of that feeling; from every bad, negative, difficult and sad experience I took constructive action, and looked for ways to make these experiences feel better the next time they, or something similar, occurred.

Going private to public …

I suppose now you could view me as ‘coming out’. I’m coming out. I’m coming out to shine my own light and to encourage others to share theirs. My heart is telling me very loudly that’s this is what it’s time to do. I feel strongly – indeed powerfully – that it’s time to offer to others what I’ve worked hard on achieving myself. Life can feel better; you are in control, you do have responsibility and no-one else is to blame for anything. I invite you to join me as I step outside my own comfort zone and share myself with the world. I’m braced for the challenge of jumping hurdles I’ve avoided in the past, and I embrace working through the moments of anxiety and self-doubt as I rise to the challenge of sending myself public.

Life’s short, we’ve got nothing to lose. Come join arms, join hands, join forces, connect energy and fly with me as we hail Part 2 and continue together on our spiritual adventure. ♥

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