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Energy and Empowerment Monthly

1st November 2019

It can be hard to comprehend or even accept that you’re energy, because you can’t see it. And our mainstream education system certainly doesn’t acknowledge anything of the sort. But you surely can feel it. When you start to really tune in to what you’re feeling, how things are making you feel, how your thoughts are making you feel, how other people are making you feel, how your lifestyle is making you feel, how what’s going on around you is making you feel … all of those feelings … they’re not just ‘your personality’ – they’re your energy at work. And yes, your thoughts create energy, unfortunately usually negative energy.

You can, however, learn to control your energy. Looking after my energy has become the biggest priority in my life. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, nor does it mean that I can change habits of a lifetime overnight, but it does mean my perception is changing, my awareness is heightening, my understanding of and patience with myself is changing.

Some of the true teachers of our time – Gabor Maté, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Donna Eden and my own, dear, Aileen McMaster, to name only a few – explain the significance of what was going on around us during our time in the womb and our earliest years, and the effects that all of that had on us both as children growing up and as adults trying to get by in the world. We were born to be authentic beings, but the oxymoron that comes with that is that we were born with a major attachment to our parents or guardians, an attachment without which we would most likely not have survived.

So, we grow up believing that ‘attachment’ is one of our true core needs, and so we do things that make us acceptable to our attachments. We stop crying when we’re told to, and so we suppress our grief and our pain. We see we upset our parents when we get angry so we repress our anger. We feel and it hurts, so we stop feeling. Grief, pain, anger, fear, offense, anxiety, all and any negative or fear-based emotions are true, natural and healthy and, when allowed to be felt, displayed and processed through our bodies, we don’t hold on to them over the longer term. But when we suppress and repress our emotions, we create blocks of un-‘spent’ energy.

To add insult to injury, as we grow older, our attachments become more than our parents; they become our teachers, our bosses, our spouses, our friends; they become the media, the magazines we read, the whole of our external world.

We develop more and more attachments, and we grow up trying to make ourselves likeable, and acceptable to our attachments.

Yet, making ourselves likeable conflicts with everything we were born to be, because, to be authentic, to be true to ourselves, we must be able to feel and experience our pain, our anger, our grief, all of our ‘negative’ emotions. We must be able to feel, and due to a lifetime of suppression of both our fear-based and our love-based feelings (especially in the sedate and conservative UK), we are all walking, living, breathing energy blocks, not just scared to be who we really are, but actually unable to be who we really are because we don’t know who that is. We’ve blocked that person.

The good thing is, we can change that. Scientific knowledge and evidence, especially at a quantum level, is changing and being updated rapidly, and that will continue to be so. This is just the beginning. Energy blocks affect everything – your perception, your mood, your health, your physical condition, your mental condition, your emotional condition and your spiritual condition. But we can work on healing your energy through hands-on healing sessions, through talking, through space clearing the energies in your house, office, car, and through creating little tailored energy ventures that are very personal to you, where we really look at what’s going on with you, and create steps towards your authenticity in a way that’s very relevant to where you’re at and what’s going on with you.

But, energy can only shift when you’re ready for it to shift. Its release can manifest through tears, laughter, anger, physical shaking, brief periods of pain, voice and sound, significant temperature changes, and numerous other ways. So to start to experience healing, it’s beneficempowerment-quotesial for you to be open, ready to be completely vulnerable, to trust, and to be honest with yourself, to be ready for anything to occur. And, to be patient. We’ve all been here for at least a few decades, some of us more decades than others, so we’ve a lifetime of living as a conditioned human to break free from. True, deep energy healing is a work in progress. You’ve got layers of conditioning and blocks to work through. Energy healing is more of a lifestyle change than anything else. So choose to be patient, and look at it as building new and better habits into your life that will help you to release the authentic you, the deep soul inside you, and let go of the attached you, the one that defines its worth by looking to the external world for acceptance. You don’t need approval from anyone.

Core Energy Cleanse

This is a non-invasive treatment where you lie down and allow me to identify, disperse, extract and absorb energy blocks from your body. It is a very healing treatment that affects everyone differently but can result in clients feeling vibrant, alive, energised, pain free, ‘different’. It is different from Reiki in that it actually removes energy blocks. Reiki balances the energy that’s in your body, but it doesn’t remove blocks. A core energy cleanse can take up to an hour.

I go for a core energy cleanse once a month, and I’m starting to help some repeat clients who have the same idea. I’m currently offering a mobile service where I come to you, so if you’re in or around Stirling, and you’d like to try a cleanse, contact me here. I’ve decided to keep them at £25 until the end of the year as I really encourage people to open up, surrender to their emotions and set their soul free. And not for my benefit! For their benefit!

If you’re not near Stirling and you’re interested, please do get in touch. We can surely come to some arrangement. We did with Jamie, who’s from East Lothian.

What a heavenly, relaxing and re-energising treatment – with amazing effects!

 *          *          *

I really enjoyed my cleanse. I have felt a difference in my shoulders, not so tight. No headaches either.

Egyptian crown healing

This is a shorter treatment than the cleanse, you sit on a chair while I work negative energy down from the top of your head to your fingers. This is a relaxing, stress-reducing treatment that gets you ‘out of your head’ for a while. It can work wonders for sleep, overthinking and bringing you back to perspective and down to earth.

Conversational guidance and healing

You can heal through personal guidance and learning although I often combine conversational guidance with a bit of hands-on healing too. While my services and offerings appear to stand alone, they don’t really. I tailor work with you according to what you need and where you’re at. I can work with you on a one-on-one basis, I run small group sessions where groups of friends can get together, and I run workshops around the place too. The energy message must get out, we need to heal this world. If I can help you heal, then you can help someone else heal, so I consider new and creative ways to work with people. There’s no right or wrong way to free up your energy. If you have ideas of how you’d like to work with me, talk to me!

Activity guide book

If you know there’s more to you than you’ve been encouraged to present to the world, and you want to take your first empowering steps out of your comfort zone quietly, on your own51KTSx8t9tL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_, maybe you’d be interested in working through my guide book Live Your Sunshine – Be Your Light. This will also give you a taste of whether you’ll feel connected to me or not, and like to work with me. Contact me here, for anything. No pressure, ever.

Space clearing

The space around you is energy as well, and often your environment isn’t conducive in helping you to feel your best. I can clear a room or rooms in your house, or a new business, or an office … anywhere you want to be assured the energies around you are good, safe and healthy, we can get them cleared. Sometimes you might feel off, or odd, or sick, or simply not your best in an environment and you don’t really know why. It probably means there’s something there that doesn’t agree with you, that doesn’t vibrate at your energy frequency. For your overall health and well-being it’s best to take appropriate energy-clearing action. I’ve been doing this in my own house recently.

Who’s reading?

This is the fifth Energy and Empowerment Monthly and I’m curious about how many people are actually reading it or even opening it. So, I’m offering one of my e-books Live your Sunshine – Be your Light to five people who reply with “I read it!” I’ll ask someone to draw the names out a hat or a box or something.


And on that note, hope to see you next month!

Love from Lesley xx

Energy healing and guidance

Author Live your Sunshine – Be your Light


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